day 4a: Venice!

yay! i’m back to blog about Italy! keep on wanting to blog about it but there were so many pictures, i never got around to editing them!

venice venice!
land of smelly water canals and pigeon platoons.

just kidding, we LOVE venice! it’s so gorgeous and picturesque,
you can’t help but to sigh at its beauty.

we arrived at the venezia train station, from where you need to take either a water bus or water taxi into the heart of the city.

according to Wikipedia,
50,000 visitors arrive in Venice everyday. so you can only imagine the booming tourism industry, as well as the super chop-robert prices.
chop-robert = 坎蘿蔔=chop carrot. which means to say, SUPER EXORBITANT PRICES.

a water taxi into Venice = 60 euros = almost 120 sing. D: D: D: but unfortunately, it was our only means of transport because we were lugging our suitcases/bags around and the water bus didn’t go to where our hotel was located (and the water bus wasnt that cheap anyway…)

so in the end, we found a kindly looking old man driving a water taxi and tried to charm him into giving us a better price. which didnt really work ):

showing him the map to our hotel. it’s hard to communicate when we can’t speak italian and they can’t really speak much english ):

enjoying our 60 euro ride. *heart pain*

arrived at the little canal from where we had to look for our hotel.

it was tucked away in an obscure corner, and we almost couldnt find it -_-
but yay! went in to check in, leave our luggages, and we were all set to explore Venice for the day 😀

inside a music exhibition.
Venice was a thriving hub for the arts and stage in its heyday, and there are vestiges of all that grandeur and splendour preserved up to this day.

every turn you make brings you into random little alleys and water canals. you’d often find yourself walking into abrupt dead ends and facing an expanse of water instead. hehe.

masquerade masks on display

streets are interspersed with small touristy shops and big brands respectively.

we arrived at the famous St Marks Square, also known as the Piazza San Marco,
which is the principal square of Venice and where the Basilica is.

didnt enter the Basilica because the queue was mad long!

Fish with her lomo camera.

there were puddles of water because it’d just rained a couple days back and the streets were still slightly flooded.

raised platforms due to the flooded areas

group picture taken by random tourist. usually, all the group pictures other ppl take very ugly one ):

there are hordes and hordes of fearless pigeons, everytime they fly overhead we duck in fear of getting birdshit on our heads 🙁

reading the guide book and checking out pictures. so touristy!

throngs of tourists!!!

me with the basilica

famous clock tower of St Marks

more masks for sale

peeking into a church

the typical venetian alley looks like this

the guide book says that in the olden days, the bridges had no railings at all D: so treacherous!

from san marco to rialto bridge

chillis and pastas for sale!

here’s the view from Rialto Bridge! the oldest bridge in Venice and one of the 4 major bridges spanning across the Grand Canal.

postcard worthy

like a Fish out of water

lunch time!

one of those rolled up wraps in pizza crusts and filled with cheese tomato and ham goodness.

partaking of our food in communal fashion

fooling around with masks!
all so pretty. i ended up buying one of them in the end later at night, but i think i wont get that far in this post, next entry!!

love the feathers! didnt get this pretty mask in the end though ):

trying to look the part.

last picture of masquerade me for this entry. therein ends part 1! too many pictures, the rest shall go into another entry!
will endeavour to put up part 2 soon 🙂 Venice is even prettier at night than it is in the day time! plus we went gondola riding!!!

hope you’all enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as i did! 😀
weekend is here again, have a good one!

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