christmas meet up! + venice part2

merry christmas in advance everybardi!!!

feeling pretty festive and christmassy already though i dont have any plans for christmas! conducted a triple christmas meet-up earlier with Joyce, her sister Jolene, Mega & Vera and it was much fun to meet our customers! πŸ˜€ plus so much less boring with all the other girls around to chitchat and gossip with while waiting for customers :))) hearts! having these girls around me really makes work so much happier all the time πŸ™‚ awww!

hope the customers who came for the meet-up are happy with their items and goodie bags too! πŸ˜€ that’s if you came early enough, cos we didnt manage to prepare enough goodie bags for every customer ): it was great to finally put faces to email addresses and names! :X

christmas goodie bags! some of them contain special surprises, heh πŸ˜€

and reaaally colorful shopping bags with customers’ items inside! everyone who walked past stared really long at the pile of bags lol.

the girls from TheTinselRack and Megagamie! 2 pairs of sisters, they look soooo alike D:
poor me was all alone because Gina’s in church or something.

by the way, all five of us are in our respective blogshops’ upcoming manufactured items πŸ™‚
me: polkadot bustier dress, joyce: highwaisted jeans, jolene: ruffle top, vera: sequin blouse, mega: contrast cropped blazer!


here’s a full length shot of the dress, trust me it’s sooooo gorgeous all my friendly blogshop owner friends all kept a piece (or two) for themselves already! anyway it totally slims my hips down and gives me a waist. the cutting is daaaamn nice!!!! instantaneous hour glass figure. material’s super luxe too and very slight padding at the boobies which really helps to enhance them :X VERY VERY NICE!

my snowflake cupcake sponsored by TTR. lol! πŸ˜€

thankew joyceeee! β™₯

and… my new hair color MAKES ME LOOK SO MUCH FAIRER!!!

going to blog about my hair next πŸ™‚

real soon!!!


here’s venice part 2, before i never get around to blogging it!

continued from part 1 here!

we walked about abit, and around evening time, (so that we were in time to catch the sunset)
we got on our very own gondola ride! πŸ˜€

a gondola ride of 45mins costs about 100 euros by the way.

bloodyexpensive. but it’s the ultimate touristy thing to do in Venice, so we succumbed! plus, the view was really breathtaking! πŸ˜€

what the colorful gondolas look like, with thrones befitting of emperors upholstered in bright red and laquered gold πŸ™‚

a slow procession of gondolas. the gondaliers are all supposed to be in nautical stripes of navy and red πŸ˜€

love the colorful view from one side of the Grand Canal!

this delightful old man had a cute boating hat on πŸ˜€

loving the pretty view and water reflections πŸ™‚

at a coin shop looking at collector’s coins

even more gondolas

a pretty special piece of architecture in Venice, but i forgot what it’s called :X

inside a gelato shop for our daily fix!

yucks pigeons. hope they dont shit on your hand.

polaroid that turned out under excposed πŸ™

got onto our gondola already!

that’s our gondolier at the back concentrating hard on navigating us through the waters. it looks really easy, but i bet it’s not!

fish & woon!

ooh this picture just looks so nicely composed. i like it alot! the gondolier was pushing off the wall with his foot in order to steer the gondola! hahaha.

the sun starting to set in fiery glory

passing under the Rialto Bridge

we all got our turn at “rowing” the gondola! actually bluff one la. the gondolier just lets you hold the oar but he’s holding it as well and doing all the steering :X

we reached the end of the 45 minutes ride really quick! geez, 100 euros gone just like that.

day turning into night..

sucha pretty view! all the lights reflecting in the water makes for really gorgeous pictures.

aand we bought these masquerade masks!! for like 7.5 euros per mask πŸ™‚ they were so pretty! though the only time i’d ever get to wear them would be for halloween or to a costume party. but they were too lovely to resist πŸ™‚

the light and the dark!

and yet another polaroid.

we eventually walked our way back to the hotel, and plopped into bed after packing our luggage for yet another long journey to the next city again!
so we rose up early the next day to take the water taxi back to the train station at like 745am or something.
the kindly old taxi uncle even walked over to our hotel to check if we were coming cos we were late? :X

more lugging luggage

goodbye Venice!

and all of us tried to be speedboat maniacs!
with sleepy and puffy morning faces!

this one looks really scary! lol like it’s going to crash us any time

END Venice!
we love and miss you Venice! we went on to the next city: Bolzano and high up the mountains!

read the past travel entries here!

erm. i think it will be 2011 when i get around to blogging about that πŸ™‚
but it’s okay, better late than never! i still have a hundred and one blog posts waiting to be blogged! will try to catch up with the blogging faster.

have a blessed Christmas,

and i’ll try to catch up on my email replies over Christmas weekend! ):

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