addicted to cute stationary

FML because i am so addicted to cute korean stationary,

and Cotton Candy Friends makes it a breeze to feed this growing addiction of mine, for one thing everything is in english woohoo!
also Catherine (the owner) is so accommodating and offers excellent CS, fuss free shopping with items arriving at your door step, couldn’t ask for anything better!

perfect for Christmas presents because everyone i know LOVES cute stationary (i’m just generalising here but seriously, if you’re a girl, you’re a sucker for cute)

so here’s the latest stuff i grabbed off Cotton Candy Friends,
i’m sure everything is gonna get sold out real fast with everyone doing their last minute shopping for Christmas,
fasterly get yours today!

fascinated with passport cases. i think i ought to start a collection.. they’re always so cute!
maybe it’s just cos i love to travel alot. thus i LOVE passport cases!

i actually got this just for the stamp kit, it’s tooooo cute!
plus, the postcards are really gorgeous too!

christmas cards! 😀 i will be making good use of them… 🙂

mini wallet for travelling.
i dont usually like to carry around my “normal” wallet overseas, so this small little wallet is an awesome alternative!

this must be the cutest calendar i’ve ever seen!!!
the pop-up graphics at the top of the calendar changes with the months from a seedling into a blossoming plant… MAD CUTE. can’t wait to use it!!!

i wish my camera was small enough to fit into this pouch, but it’s surprising roomy and holds all my essential makeup!
love how vintagey cute it looks 😀

Cotton Candy Friends has brought in brand new organisers for 2011 and they’re all so adorable!
this Cookyshop MiniMate is my pick, the size is just right for carrying around and it’s not too heavy! i’m terribly absentminded so hopefully i’ll make full use of this :< it’ll make a fabulous Christmas pressie too!

yea, i’m a Cotton Candy Friends addict.
lol! but i know many of my friends are too! :X

i know i’ve used this illustration before but i dont care. it’s cute and i like it.

i’m going insane with the mad rush for Christmas.
there’s still a few designs yet to be launched, and it’s only SIX days away from christmas???
and backorders to pack, and photos to edit, and emails to reply, FML.

also got some exciting stuff going on lately. can’t wait to share! 🙂

but first, let me get past Christmas in one piece.


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