Hush, now..

we’re gonna touch on a topic i never thought I would have a chance to blog about (BUT here i am!!!)
and some of you might find it a lil unconventional or controversial.

i had my reservations about it too, but after careful consideration and vetting of said subject,
my intrigue and the challenge it posed to present this subject in a winning, healthy manner (mmm some of you might have starting guessing what this is about…) won out far over the other factors, and i decided, hey, we’re living in the 21st century, so let’s just do this!

but i assure you,
i fully did my research before embarking on this very interesting project,
so i’m sure it’ll be an interesting read for you readers! 😛

i think the name of the website tells it all:
this is no ordinary run-of-the-mill online shopping website selling your usual apparel and stuff,
it’s a hush hush, quiet affair, and this website only specialises in selling one thing: sensual pleasure.

yes, you got that right.
HushHushShop sells designer adult toys, and the first time i clicked into the website,
i was very amazed with how discreet and stylish and very tasteful the website looked! definitely not the sleazy looking, neon-flashing signs i’ve come to associate with sex toy shops along Orchard Road and would do well to steer clear off. so it’s little wonder to find out the three words that define HushHushShop‘s values: Style.Sensuality.Safety.

in fact, there is not a single mention of even the 3 letter word S-E-X on the website.

which for an adult toy website, i must say, is pretty amazing!

before you start shrinking away in fear and disgust,
here’s an interesting fun fact for you:

did you know that vibrators existed as early as the 19th century? D:

this actually looks like a VERY painful torture device instead.
and apparently, they were medical devices used to treat women of hysteria! D: D: D:
all i can say is, i’m glad technology and society have come a long way since then.

you’d be relieved to know that HushHushShop carefully selects and brings you only the finest designer adult toys made available. It is their belief that women and couples deserve only sophistication and classiness at exclusive prices, hence, these beliefs shaped their values of “Style. Sensuality. Safety.”

every single HushHushShop product has been selected for its standard of excellence in its craftsmanship, and is designed to endear you with the most stylish adult toys you can ever have.

HushHushShop researches, reviews and tests each and every product available from our online shop to ensure that they bring out the most sensual experience for you.

HushHushShop ascertains that the products available are made from the highest quality of materials, and will set your mind at ease, with you knowing that you can enjoy their adult toys with comfort and the utmost safety.


just a glance at the products HushHushShop has to offer, will definitely assure you that they’re not your commonly found low grade adult toy products, but designer creations that have won numerous accolades and awards!

take the We-Vibe II for example.

the We-Vibe II is ‘the’ couples vibrator, worn while making love. The world’s top selling adult toy is a clitoral and g-spot stimulator, made with medical grade lead-free, phthalate-free, 100% medical-grade platinum silicone and crafted to strict health and consumer safety standards.

it’s the world’s best-selling designer adult toy made for couple usage, and has been featured extensively in many well-known publications, including the following:

and it was even invited to be part of the gifting suites at the Academy Awards in February 2009!
find out more about the We-Vibe II here.

and not losing out a single bit,
is another designer product by Nomi Tang, Better Than Chocolate

Better than chocolate is the first product from Nomi Tang, an award-winning clitoral vibrator with an intelligent touch control interface. Voted by as the top sexiest vibrator of 2009 for its sleek looks and pleasure technology, it also received one of the world’s most coveted design awards, the red dot design award 2010: product design.

all you need to do is to slide your finger up and down the touch-sensitive control pad in order to tune this baby to your liking. how cool is that? in case you didn’t know, the red dot design award that Better Than Chocolate was awarded with, is THE industrial design award to win.

it has also been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan.UK, Elle, and the likes!
find out more about Better than Chocolate here.


these designer adult toys are meant to provide you with many years of usage, and because HushHushShop understands you, the customer, they are offering an extended warranty of up to 18 months for all their products, which ensures that you have peace of mind in shopping with them, and ensuring premium quality and value for the price you’re paying. all products are also made of materials such as 100% medical grade silicone, 100% phthalate free and and non-toxic. find out more about product safety information here.

items are checked out via PayPal, so you can be assured of safe online transactions and fuss-free payment 🙂

also, fear not, as all items purchased will be delivered the very next day, via courier in a conventional box that looks common so to remain anonymous. it will be delivered together with a Thank You note on sharing tips on how to maintain the toy as well as other interesting tips. HushHushShop has promised me that they are very discreet when it comes to bedroom pleasures and will ensure full anonymity and privacy 😉

Merry-making Promotion!
Purchase ANY designer adult toy from HushHushShop and a Nomi Tang’s Liquid Aqua Based lubricant worth S$16 will be yours FREE.
Promotion valid till 31st December.

i personally think that one of these adult designer toys would make a fabulous and fun gift for your close BFFs or loved ones,
perfect for a hen’s night gift, or Christmas that’s just round the corner! so get rid of those inhibitions, and check out HushHushShop today! 🙂 Also take a look at their blog: HushHushThoughts: Philosophical Ramblings for the Sensual Singaporean, which will be updated periodically with tips and discussions on couples and intimacy 😉

HushHushShop has also just been featured on our local!
click here to read the article:

The Finest Designer Adult Toys for the Women and Couples of Today

ps. 30 minutes of active sexual activity burns 200 calories (more than jogging your ass off!), decreases depression and boost ones immune system….. so you know what to do! 😛

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