choose your glam: bobbi brown workshop!

under the guidance of the professional MUA, we did two different looks from Bobbi Brown’s new collection, powerful red lipstick with neutral eye palette, and sulty smoldering smoky eyes with nude lips! both are looks i’ve never really attempted so it was a first for me!

they also brought us through the entire process from cleansing, to using Bobbi Brown’s foundation sticks to determine our shade (i’m a beige!) and how to apply our corrector/concealer/foundation/blush/eyeshadow and everything!

i must say, red lipstick is really hard to carry off! some of the other girls looked really gorgeous in it, but i think SK & I just ended up looking like geishas :X or maybe we weren’t skilled enough to apply the make up properly!

nude lipstick was so much better, but my smokey eyes are quite fail, i just look like someone punched me in the eyes ): SK looks super rocker though! like!

one last picture for fun.

ok, i’m very tired after doing this blog post. HAHAHA.

but it’s funnnnn! 😀 bye!

disclaimer: i was not paid for this blog entry! just thought that the girls would be interested to read more about such stuff 😉 we all so ai mei. hahahaa. okay okay i GTG!

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