S30: 11 Oct Monday 8.30PM

We bring to you the Burberry Prorsum-inspired Chiffon Cocktail Dress,

a co-manufactured collaboration with ODKY!

mad excited to present TVDXODKY‘s manufactured piece: a Burberry Prorsum-inspired cocktail dress in FOUR gorgeous hues, two of which are available on TVD, and the other two on Odorikoya! wheeee! we super love the dress! SK is making me stressed by making such nais and pretty layouts for her pictures. hahahaha. we had a really hard time choosing our favourite shades for this gorgeous design, but i think we’re all VERY happy with our colors!

and also, say HELLO to Clara! who’s our current face and will be for the next few collections at least, she is reaaaally gorgeous!!! (still on the look out for potential models!) and of course she loves this dress too and had a hard time deciding which color she wanted to keep. (she kept mauve purple in the end, by the way)

i am keeping the pearly cream for myself, and YAY wearing it on Sunday for a wedding lunch!!! (so coincidental, both SK and i have wedding lunches to attend this weekend, and we’re BOTH gonna wear the dress cos we love it so much. HAHAHA) eils baybeh is worse, she kept both TVD’s colors because she couldnt decide which color she loves better. awwww always so mad supportive, mad love!

the workmanship is gorgeous and this dress is definitely more than worth the price we’re selling it for. totally not sheer even in cream (model was wearing a black bra!) and with full inner lining, comes in Sizes S & M. Size M fits me perfectly, for big UK8-10 while Size S will fit a small UK6- regular 8 🙂

i know all of you have upcoming weddings/end-of-year dinners to attend cos i have quite a few. lol. YOU NEED THIS DRESS!!!

tentative launch date will be this coming Monday 🙂 stay tuned for more news!

oh oh, and backorders for the Chiffon Tier Top in all 4 colors are up as well! it was an instant sell-out during the launch! thank you customers. i’m so mad touched that some customers bought 2 colors each, and one customer even bought all 4 colors! hai. it’s like watching your baby grow up and getting a gf. so touched you wanna cry. ok la just being emo drama. but still LOVE LOVE! but remember to state your sizes next time cos i think Gina was going mad invoicing cos everyone didnt state their size. ahaha.

join the backorder!!!

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