i dont believe this.


i very stupid.

please see below print screens

as some customers would know,
backorder consolidation and verification are handled by Gina, and most day-to-day emails are handled by me.

so when this customer (let’s just call her B) emailed to ask about the BO stock, i just checked and saw her order on the BO page and ASSUMED that her order was verified and paid for and all, and didn’t even read the past email properly (the one Gina sent about not being able to locate her transaction)

B didn’t get her item due to some issues, and asked for credits.

and i just stupidly thought that she was a genuine paying customer, and when she rushed for the refund after 5 days BUT she complained that it’s been a week, ie 7 days (again, Gina is the one handling refunds) so i just asked Gina to refund her without double-checking at all and simply assuming her authenticity as a BO customer.

STUPID MUCH. but nvm. part 2.

B mentioned she paid for another BO item. cant find her order on the BO page at all, nor via emails by searching for her email address.
so anyway, i was overseas, came back saw the email regarding a color change, and didnt check if she had any order for the BO or not because the BO consolidation details are all with Gina and in any case, color change isn’t allowed once order has been placed.

as B’s supposed order wasnt even on the BO page or taken in at all,
all the other BO orders for the item were all accounted for already, so nothing happened with this item,

until B joined ANOTHER BO for yet another item, and then mentioned that she did not receive the toga dress backorder.

no bank acct provided. no transaction ref provided. just an IB nick and email.

and guess what,
Gina couldnt find her transaction again upon BO consolidation.
and then emailed B again.

so i replied to her “details” given, which did not include her transaction reference (again) and of course, i couldnt even find the non-existent order.

i got pretty confused and i searched for her previous email conversations with TVD and found the MNG Jeggings email,


why got such people in the world.
anyway, i replied B to ask for either a transaction reference or a print screen.
but i dont think she’d be able to come up with a genuine one, but until then, benefit of the doubt.

i think damn fishy.
99.9999% kena cheated 🙁

and for the other blogshop owners reading this,
if you want her email address, you can email me to ask for it. i dunno if she’s a serial scammer or not but i couldnt find any other information blacklisting her or something.

dont be so stupid and not check past transactions properly like me.
fail ttm.



ps. actually, 24.50 is just a small amount so we should be thankful that we’re not talking about thousands and thousands of dollars here. but the whole idea of being scammed just leaves me speechless. so hopefully others out there be careful with your online transactions too, and beware of such unprincipled people out there.

pps. and no, she hasnt replied to the email asking for transaction references or print screen, so i believe she’ll just “disappear” off the radar now..

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