ps. the satin bust portion isnt as shiny as it looks in the picture! plus of course you need to iron it 😛

just received this lovely dress from TheSaccharinity a couple of days ago,
and i’m lovin it! superbly pretty Kate Walsh-inspired toga dress that’s their very first manufactured item, and also their first collection!
hurray to more manufactured stuff on blogshops!

take a look at the original inspiration and you’d see what a good job they did!

i took a size M, and it fits me very well 😀 😀 most advisable for UK8, might be a tad tight for UK10 and above! (at the bust area, that is..)
anyways, for a self-manufactured item, i think this dress is really worth it because it’s only 27.50 inclusive of postage! so head on down to TheSaccharinity to pick from the four pretty colors available! 😀


and just to remind you girlies who’re itching for some good ole flea sell/trade/buy business,
this Saturday is the upcoming FASHION ICON @ HOMECLUB!

TheVelvetDolls are gonna be there,
We’ll be bringing down our own pre-loved items, as well as brand new blogshop items, old stocks at super slashed prices and new never-seen-before manufactured items! (there are quite a few in the works!!!)
our booth number is T21!
sounds pretty near to my girls’ Steph and Joyce who will be setting up stall at T19!


you can still grab a booth too, it’s not too late! just drop the super nice organisers an email at the follow email address:
and get $2 off the booth price of $55 by quoting “YINA”!

if you need more details, go take a look at the earlier post i blogged!

ciao, off to see my dentist 🙁 i’m late!

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