everyone loves QQ

but this shaggy dog needs a haircut real bad! 😛 she’s really so adorable everyone loves her to pieces.

post-flea at Ipuddo,
first time there and it is the yums! can’t wait for Tampopo too this wednesday!

tofu salad. cold tofu with sesame dressing and fresh salad. looove the tofu!

terrible lighting 🙁

the gyoza’s really tasty and interesting, only the bottom of the gyoza is panfried with a nice crispy piece of batter, while the gyoza itself is soft and juicy, mad delicious!

stars of the show: the awesome ramen, we chose two different broths/noodles! cha-shu is super succulent and melt-in-your-mouth sinful. but so good. ahhhh. and the egg is cooked to perfection, tender but firm egg white with egg yolk that’s soft and runny. even for a non-egg yolk person like me, it was guuuud.

and to end off with a custard pudding, with caramel hidden at the bottom of this little gem.
very smooth, not jelat and not too sweet.

how to diet like this.

cannot believe how fast time is passing me by. but the work is never ending 🙁

it’s quite terrible. i must stop procrastinating and get my hands on. i spent the entire day just replying to emails and consolidating backorders and packing parcels and etc. wanted to work on the freelance but it didnt even make it to the front of the long queue of work 🙁

oh, and i am lusting over a new camera now,

anyone wants to take over my very awesome E-P1? have only used it for about 10 months or so, and still in great working condition save for some external scratches/dings on the camera body.

i paid about $1.2k for it, and would consider selling for $750, if i’m selling it at all.

email me if you’re a sincere buyer!

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