counting down, 4 days to italy!

haven’t packed a single bit of my luggage. and i have a million & one things to do.



SO SO SO MAD HAPPY because all available in-stocks for the rosette toga dress sold out within like a couple hours of launch? omgggggg. SO thankful for all the tremendous support by all friends and customers! teehee soo many of my friends wanted a piece of the dress ^_^ <-- i hardly use this smiley but i reaaaally veh happy about it ^___________^

backorders are up here!!! it is really a lovely dress. JOIN THE BO!

there are still sooooo many unlaunched items that i love! trying to figure out a way for Gina to handle the shop by herself while i’m away for 2 weeks 🙁 hopefully we’ll still be able to launch perhaps once or twice!!! please expect slower replies cos i dont think Gina will be able to access TVD inbox while she’s at work and i wont have internet access for at least one whole week while i’m there!!! :(((

so worried i’m gonna come back to a whole inbox full of fuming emails. CHOY CHOY TOUCH WOOD.

but meanwhile, there’s still a million and one gorgeous awesome mad chio items coming right up for y’all!!! the pleated chiffon dress (as seen in above pictures) is one of the dresses coming up in the next launch and it’s my current favourite, elegant, slimming and of course, it’s chiffon. LOVE chiffon! it’s a sheer chiffon outer piece with a comfy inner petticoat. much love!

and SOO SOO many more. ok ok i’m very excited. hope to launch one last collection before i fly off Tuesday night!

and i really can’t wait for Italy. HELLO to the land of parma ham and pasta and gelato!!!

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