a mish-mash of randomity

backdated post!
from last week, or was it the week before,
i can’t remember.

dinner with SK! actually, dinner was just a side tangent. but still, we had an awesome dinner!

at Akashi, Paragon!

you know what they always say about restaurants, the food must be good if the “locals” are eating it.
Akashi was seated with Japanese men and women at just about every other table than ourselves D:

even the service staff are dressed in yukata. but once they started speaking and taking our orders my little japanese bubble was burst quite terribly. oh well.

the variety offered on the menu is very decent, we spent ages deciding what to have! edamame beans were served as an appetiser. it’s actually my first time trying them beans cos i already thought they looked too raw to taste good previously :S they actually just taste abit like boiled peanuts though!

our first dish: salmon sashimi! it was very good! fresh and thickly sliced.

nom nom!

SK’s cha soba with tempura. good stuff! love the cha soba, very appetising.


i had beef sukiyaki, which is what i almost always have whenever i dine japanese. i’m so boring.
this sukiyaki set was good, my only complain is that it didnt come served over a flame and with raw beef like most sukiyaki does.

but still. see how greedy i am. holding my watermelon in one hand and reaching for my veggies with the other. lololol.

our real purpose in meeting up was actually cos SK needed my professional help. LOL.
to take pictures of her shoes so that she could launch them!

and i think we did an awesome job with the pictures mwahahaha.

nice right! my camera is mad awsome. (cos SK too lazy to bring out her big fat DSLR)

and speaking of these clogs, i went to ION yesterday and saw similar clogs selling everywhere else!! D: like Topshop, River Island, Rubi & etc. and they’re all mad expensive, the ones i tried on at Topshop were like $179 or something!!!

funny thing is SK & I secretly agreed that we didnt much fancy the clogs previously, but after seeing all the celeb-inspired pictures and also trying on the clogs for ourselves, i think we are converts. LOL. but i still wouldnt fork out $179 for a pair of those! i shall look for pocket friendly versions!

i swear those clogs are growing on me.
quite nice right huh. shall get a pair for myself very soon!
dont say i never help SK promote, you can check out the pair she’s selling here too!

i’m so nice.

ok back to us!
my OTD was the paint strokes summer maxi which i posted previously already, but here are more pictures.

love those sandals! i saw this wedge version at Steve Madden but in suede and black. very tempting.

and pictures of SK & I to end the night!


thanks to TVD and all i’ve met alot of really nice new friends :)))) mostly the other blogshop owners & not to forget our best friends, the people who work hard behind the scenes to bring in/ make all those pretty clothes for us, y’all know who you are 🙂


moving on,
a couple of apparel reviews!

#1 a super gorgeous Blair Waldorf-inspired dress courtesy of LoveyLolli,

it’s mad good material and super flattering!!!!!!!!! one of the best fabric i’ve seen from blogshops, very expensive looking with a slight shimmer but not like shiny satin which emphasizes bulges and fats! this dress is surprisingly forgiving despite the glove-like fit.

the design-spiration! mad chio in a girly feminine but sexy manner. would totally wear it for a nice tea or dinner.

you can see for yourself the intricate workmanship and fabulous material. definitely a worthy purchase.

ps. quote YINA to get free registered postage with purchase of any 3 items and above!

#2 and my 2nd loot which i bought from Kristine,
the self-manufactured one-shoulder toga dress from KY‘s latest collection!

*i took a size M and it fits me perfectly!*

very very elegant and classic looking piece! i love the simple design which leaves alot of room to play around with accessorising and shoes. this must be my 1252324 LBD but i have a fetish for togas :S in fact the next upcoming manufactured piece on TVD is a toga dress too!!! wheeee. love the way they show off one shoulder without looking skanky!

but anyway, i wish i were skinny!
i want to be skinny like look-good-in-anything-sort-of-skinny.

i shall work on it.

*munches on chips*

HAHAHHA. ok so terrible. i have no self-discipline and control!

this sunday is concert day!!!!! (random change in topic)

and i’ve been attending rehearsals the whole week. and last week. and last last week.

for a mere 2 hours on stage, there’s practically a whole 6 months (at least) worth of preparation.

tickets can be purchased from SISTIC here

5 Sep 2010
Sun, 7.30pm

English, Italian and Latin

Joy. Joy of will and joy of thought, joy of speech and joy of song, and joy of every movement full of joy. – Sonnet 31, Guittone d’Arezzo (1230 – 1294)

An evening of rhapsodic sonnets (“little songs”), the Song of Songs and Song offerings (Gitanjali).

it’s a concert proudly brought to you by the SYC Ensemble Singers (of which i am a part of in case you didnt already know)
and it’s gonna be faaaaabbbbbbbbb. awesome music, awesome musicians!


i still very much love this three-choir combined performance.

THREE Vol.2, Tokyo, Japan

spot me if you’re sharp!

the last random bit of this entry is that i did my brows at Browhaus today and ended up signing a 5-time package with them, i think the lady who attended to me did a very nice job with my brows! i was very fussy, and gave her alot of directions; “not too thin cos i dont draw my brows, i want them natural, dont make the ends of my brows any shorter than they already are, i want the arc to be higher so i look more energised but i dont want to look too fierce” blah blah blah and i’m always very apprehensive of getting my brows done (your brows can make or break your looks!!!!) but i think it turned out quite well and i was satisfied with it.

there is this semi-permanent eyeliner job they offer called “Eye Define” or something and it’s like eyeliner that stays on for 3-5 years but it also costs $500!!! :S but imagine not having to draw your eyeliner for the next 3 years. sounds really shiok to me. an instalment of 6 payments would be like roughly $80 a month. tempting.

i shall take pictures of my newly groomed brows tomorrow!

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