imma shooting star!

woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to attend the Laurier “I’m a shooting star!” Challenge! was invited by NN as one of the 11 blogger teams to take part in the event 😀

XX and a couple of other bloggers were judging the entries! not that they really did anything to judge la because it’s just score tabulation! quite sad because we took alot of effort to find a real red ferrari but the winning teams (the fastest few to complete the challenge) mostly all used substitutions like a Ferrari toy car and etc 🙁 i even called YZ down specially for his two dimples for task #8! all that effort and we didnt get even a consolation despite full marks for accuracy. awwww.

ran into an old secondary school mate and also tiffy at the event too! hello sheila and tiffy! heh. the winning teams all looked very li hai! especially this duo who were really tan and sporty looking and they got like 2nd prize or something. bet they’re a pro at such events!

other than getting the Polaroid for keeps and a goodie bag with assorted Biore/Asience/Laurier samples and products,
Laurier and Nuffnang also got the bloggers a cute little dollhouse!!!

awesomeeee. supply for the next 6 months teehee. and they are REALLY comfy!!! yay!
THANKS Laurier and Nuffnang! 😀 😀 😀 had a blast at the event!

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