gimme some time please to reply to the horrendous backlog of emails in my personal inbox and also in TVD’s.
i very scared i havent dared to open TVD’s inbox yet 🙁

reality hits very hard after 2 weeks of holidaying 🙁
AND that’s before i check my card bills. i have NEVER spent so much in my entire life wtf i dont even wanna think about it.
oh and my complexion is totally mad chui now. breakouts all over my face! 🙁

4264343539 emails to reply,
26 comic pages to paint,
3433 photos taken on the trip,
666 arches climbed,
134542 gelatos ate,
even more uncountable pastas and pizzas,
8 cities,
1 sleeper train,
many train rides,

4 H&M outlets visited,
551 steps up the vatican,
463 steps up the duomo,
a million and one thousand steps lugging luggage on cobbled streets
3 great travel companions,
12 hours on a plane ride,
1 loving boyfriend to pick me up at the airport,

and i am home.

it was a fabulous trip! much love to my darlings fish, aini & woon.
for tolerating my snoring at night LOL. and my nonsense and rubbish and bad jokes.
we made it!

the view from the top of the duomo.

i dont think i should start editing the 3433 pictures now because i will just die and also end up not doing anything else.
and i think i’m still living on italy time because it’s close to 5am already! 🙁 ok work work. i’ll try to put up pictures soon!


and i also left my phone in italy so i’m technically not home yet. sorry if you sms-ed/bbm-ed me and didnt get any reply! 🙁 woon is bringing back my phone for me on Friday so i should be contactable by Friday or Saturday -_-


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