happy birthday daddy!

daddy’s birthday and we celebrated his birthday again at the same old place, daddy seriously never gets bored of LBK D:
ohwell it was his dinner party after all and he paid for it! anyway daddy looks sooo old with his grey hair when it’s not dyed black. he says he wants to leave it au naturale though, so that he can be a dignified, edified old gentleman wtf.

happy birthday daddy dearest!!

may you live to a healthy ripe old age and be the famous-est arowana breeder in singapore. and earn lots of money and huat big big so that you can leave a massive inheritance for us next time. LOL. ok just kidding :/ maybe not.

and i took the opportunity to wear out TVD’s latest manufactured dress!!! it is soooo mad chio x 100000 i swear.

chiffon rosette toga dress with a detachable sash in 4 gorgeous colors, you can choose to wear it with or without the sash depending on the look you prefer! i like it both ways, depending. the rosette detail on the shoulder is hand-sewn by the way! and the material is very soft and smooth chiffon with a thick inner lining. even the lighter colors are hardly sheer at all, we were super super pleased with the workmanship!!!

it also comes in sizes toofor a better fit! i really like sizes cos generally the fit is better and with sizes there are no more ugly smocked backs or elastic bands. size S will fit a UK6-8 while size M fits big UK8-10! me ish wearing size M 🙂

SO SO SO GORGEOUS i swear. it’s my favourite manufactured apparel to date!
there are more manufactured stuff coming right up too 🙂 i have a love/hate relationship with choosing colors for manufactured designs. SIGHHH sometimes it seems like theres soooo many colors to choose and it should be an easy job, but at other times it is soooo difficult to decide on the colors!

the four colors for this dress are all very pretty in their own ways though! nude is definitely the most elegant, while jade green is very special and will stand out from the crowd! rose pink brightens up the skin tone and makes everyone look radiant, while indigo (the colour of the original piece!) is mad flattering as well and is my favourite color!!!

ugh ok wanted to blog more but i have a massive headache and i just puked out abit of dinner 🙁 i cannot fall sick cause italy is in 7 days time! and i need to do up the post for the launch of the luuurvely toga dress too 🙁

hoping to launch tmr night!
hope i feel better soon! shall go and rest for abit first.

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