the wonders of photoshop


gawd. what’s with all the comments about how i’m not like XX and i should not be comparing myself to her? I AM NOT. I AM JUST REFERRING TO THE WAY XX PHOTOSHOPS PICTURES ALL THE TIME, THUS IT’S ALA XX STYLE. so if i say i’m wearing a dress that’s Paris Hilton-inspired, i’m imitating her or trying to be like Paris Hilton?

and i am seriously quite annoyed by people dissing my photoshop skills. FYI, i use photoshop to create artwork for a living and i believe i’m much more proficient than most people at photoshop. just because i dont prefer to OVER photoshop my photos doesnt mean i CANNOT.

all the below were painted from scratch with photoshop by me. THANKS.

i jolly well post up my own artwork on my own blog if i want to. what’s so wrong about that? at least i’m proud of them. screw off. you don’t have to come here and read my self-justifications.


i swear photoshop is my best friend.
without photoshop, this blog wouldnt exist, or at the very least it wouldnt have any pictures of me on it. LOL.
so yes. thank god for photoshop.

and since i have nothing better to do on a friday night,
i went to photoshop an old picture of mine for fun!!! back when i was still trying to lose weight la and still quite rather not thin.

ya, i’m THAT boliao.

BUT actually, i dont think i looked all that different from last time la, cos all my fats werent really on my face. mostly everywhere else -_-
and i lost about like 10kg. (only) even though i know i look scarily big last time, the difference is only 10kg. ONLY. (i want to lose 3 more kg, but it’s impossible, at the rate i’m eating. wtf.)

okay, side tangent over,
so here’s the original photo, taken in like maybe 2007?

it’s not that bad a picture. i look fairly okay in it, and lighting is decent la.
but actually if you want to see how the set up looked like,
it looked like this:

ya, like WTF right. hand-held standing lamps. hahahaha.

so i did some photoshop magic with this picture,
and i turned it into this:

i know what you’re going to say,
but the trick with photoshop is to make it look natural, even though you’ve done a shitload of digital manipulation to your face.
and actually there’s hell lot of difference.

so just to reiterate my point, here’s the before & after in an animated gif:


i did plastic surgery on my nose,
sharpened my face,
enhanced my eye makeup,
and gave myself fake eyelashes.

i especially like the nose.
think if i ever did plastic surgery, i’d definitely want to do my nose. cos i inherited my father’s big flat nose instead of my mother’s aristocratic nice sharp nose. life is unfair. oh and i removed my eye bags. i also dont mind removing my eye bags in real life, but for now, photoshop will suffice.


then later people are going to start saying “oh so all those photos of yourself and on TVD are all photoshopped la false representation of clothes blah blah…”

obviously i’m not so free to go and photoshop every single one of them to this extreme please.
cos it does take time and effort and skill you know.

and best part about EP1 must be the e-portrait mode which is mad love.
DONT NEED PHOTOSHOP. because it automatically smooths out your skin for you liao!!!
plus of course make up is your other best friend.

all non-photoshopped and straight from the EP1 then batch edited in photoscape to add the frame and to brighten up the pictures abit. yayness. love technology nowadays. imagine if we were still stuck in the film era. i swear i’d burn away all my ugly photos to remove all traces of ugliness.

the end of my bo liao post.

happy weekend to you too!

ps. i seriously think that fat can grow on noses. DOESNT MY NOSE LOOK SMALLER NOW COMPARED TO LAST TIME?? or maybe it’s just good camera angle. hmmm. i’ve been pondering over this issue for some time now. arent our noses just cartilage and bone? how come will look thinner/fatter one?

pps. OH YA, dont forget to check out TVD’s SALES post! superthecheapprices.

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