series 24 pweeevieww!

ok, here’s a small preview of what’s gonna be up in tonight’s launch!

the white kaftan that everyone has been asking about,

the piano chiffon blouse i wore previously,

the bustier corset frock as seen on Bea’s blog,

the chiffon drape cardi that is mad awesome,

a gorgeous maxi with fab workmanship, and more!

the mulberry bag in mint will also be launched in this collection!

extras from BOs for our self-manufactured chiffon overlay tunic and some basics like petticoats and S&B leggings (brought them in again!) will be available too! 😀

9PM tonight!

haha enough of candid shots. zzz imma gonna go prepare the launch now! got a million mailing listees to add and Gina is at work boohoo.

*replied comments on this post! ;)*

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