oh, dear! it’s been three years!

yayness! got the pictures from the shoot we did last weekend with oh, dear!

i’ve been admiring oh, dear!‘s vintage styled photography for quite some time now, so i decided to contact Melody to engage their services to do a couple shoot for YZ & I, to sort of commemorate our three years together 🙂

in case you’re keen on booking oh, dear! for a shoot as well, just so you know, Melody is soooo popular that she’s already fully booked all the way til like November or something! D: so remember to book in advance hor!

we had alot of fun during the shoot, i brought the doggies along and they were SO adorable. and i had to last minute source for outfits and also props for YZ and myself to go with the whole vintage feel that oh, dear! does so well! we managed to get our outfits settled and all in the end teehee. though it’s nothing fancy, but i quite like the simplicity of it! 🙂 like what Melody says la, people in love look good no matter what :X

anyways, Melody and Justin (her lovely husband who is also part of oh, dear!) were super accommodating and lovely people! definitely the kind of photographers you want to work with for a shoot because they are so friendly and make you feel extremely at ease 🙂 it was a fantastic experience! enough blabbering, i’m gonna put up some of my favourite pictures from the shoot 🙂

teeheee this shot looks damn crazy lor hahha. YZ can jump super high!

ending off with my favourite shot in black & white 🙂

hope you like them too!

you can find out more about oh, dear! on their website below:


Melody just recently did an Up! (the movie) themed photoshoot and it looks superrr duperrrr cute. awww.

anyhow, if you do contact Melody and book a shoot, remember to do your homework in advance ok! get the outfits, props, locations figured out properly! and bring tissue cos it’s gonna be mad hot and sweaty after awhile and you don’t wanna look like that. and put more makeup (for the girls) cos it’s gonna melt in the sun. hahahahaha. it’s mad duper fun so enjoy it!!!

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