Mogitate Kajitsu + Deep Moist product reviews & new loots! ;D

TheSampleStore (previously known as fr3b) very kindly sent me two products to review!
and the very first one is…

(ok i am so bloody lazy i just reused the previous graphics i drew. BUT i had a super hard time with the photo of the lipbalms! took it myself and removed the background *boliao*)

i love lip balms, and these super yummy fruit flavoured lip balms from Mentholatum are topping the list at the moment!

Mogitate Kajitsu stands for “Fresh” and “Fruits” respectively, and these lip balms are made with REAL natural fruit juice and honey! you can imagine how absolutely yummy they smell already! other than smelling absolutely delightful, they’re also packed with essential vitamins and nourishing ingredients that are bound to leave your lips soft, kissable and super moisturised!

It comes in FIVE different flavours, which are Strawberry, Orange & Mango, Lemon & Lime, Grape & Berry, and lastly White Peach!

i love how smoothly the lip balm glides onto my lips, without leaving an oily and unpleasant feeling! and it leaves my lips feeling plump and supple, and of course the lovely fruity scent is a bonus too! ;D my favourite is the strawberry flavoured Mogitate Kajitsu, it smells so good i almost want to eat it!


the next product is also from Mentholatum, and it’s their…

the name says it all: this is an ultra-intensive moisturising lip balm which contains the famous Hyaluronic Acid (super moisturizing agent capable of holding up to 1000x it’s weight in water!!!) and if that’s not enough, it also comes with Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, both natural ingredients known to hydrate and heal our skin/lips!

Deep Moist comes in two choices, one is Deep Moist Natural and the other is Deep Moist Menthol, for those who like that minty & cooling feeling on your lips, Menthol is your obvious choice! Natural contains the exact same ingredients, but without the menthol & camphor. i personally love the Menthol version because it feels alot more refreshing and shiok! teehee.

the most special part about Deep Moist lip balms is that they come in a unique oval shape for easier application! it may seem strange at first, but the oval shaped stick allows me to cover more (proverbial) ground in one single movement, and also allows me to reach the corners of my lips with ease too! you’ll understand why when you try out this oval shaped lip balm application stick! i’m definitely a convert!


i’m supposed to take a creative picture of the lipbalms with myself and submit it for some Facebook contest, so this is what i came up with! HAHAHAHA. sibei lame ttm. zz whatever.

you can help me win by clicking on the “like” HERE!!!

if you’re my friend, i promise i treat you eat ban mian or prawn mee. pwetty please.

and especially for you all, there’s also a contest!!!

Deep Moist Menthol & Deep Moist Natural both retails at $7.90 each
Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu comes in 5 flavors, and retails at $5.90 each

Both items are exclusively available in Watsons.

#1 from LaClassicStyle,

a gorgeous white layered shift dress! i paired it with my own blue skinny belt!

the material is very soft and comfy, and i love the layered ruffles. so pretty!

#2 from LaClassicStyle, Wrap Over Drape Dress

super duper flattering! it’s really unique with that wrap portion and looks extremely elegant.

black is the ultimate slimming color and the cutting is fabulous!

#3 from TheTinselRack, Momsen Mini!

i love the neckline which is super elegant and flaunts off shoulders nicely!

it’s super short for me though! i’d be afraid of zao-genging :X but then again the length makes my legs look endless!! love love 😀

and i’ve been eyeing this clutch for the longest time ever since i saw it on JY’s blog!

managed to find it from Struttt and joined the backorders for it, it’s soooooo prettaaaayyyyy!!!

love the size!

remember my review on Laneige Snow BB Cream?
now you can try out this new product too! all you have to do is to take a snapshot of the below image, or print it out to present to the Laneige counter @ Isetan Orchard, Wisma Atria Basement 1!

ps. if you’re too lazy or too busy to go down to redeem the samples, TVD will also be giving away 50 sets of 3 days’ supply of BB Cream samples to the 1st 50 customers who make payment for the next collection!!!!!! YAYNESS. look out for our mailer for more details!

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