fun at the zoo!

we had yong tau foo and duck rice at a pretty popular coffeeshop nearby mandai. i forgot the location!

it was soooo crowded that the carpark was full, and there was a long snaking queue of cars parked outside the road to the zoo! the parked cars practically stretched 1km i’m sure! but we managed to park inside the carpark itself after waiting for about 10-15 minutes to our relief!

so YAY! the last time i’ve been to the zoo, it was still called the mandai zoo/singapore zoological gardens or something.
now it’s called the singapore zoo. hmmmmmm
i still like the old mandai logo better. it’s such a nice logo!

ahh well. but anyways, back to the zoo!

awww mad love for the otters. they were soooo cute, they kept on squeezing together into a row and making little squeaks in unison!!!

and whenever we saw a small furry animal/ baby animal Mummy would go like “oh see! looks like QQ hor?:” okay haha -_- whatever. alot of the animals like the tigers/lions etc were boring. cos they were all sleeping in the hot sun!!! nothing to see. i think it’s quite sad, imagine yourself as a zoo exhibit and have people gawking at you everyday trying to make you do interesting things! if i were a zoo animal i’m sure i’d just ignore the visitors too and sleep in a corner.

but we still had fun regardless! 🙂
Daddy doesnt appear much in the pictures because he always doesnt smile for pictures so we hardly bother taking pictures with him -_-

and towards the end of the day the two old folks were so slow pok and tired already! the sun was terribly hot and the drinks in the zoo are overpriced. like $3 for a bottle of coke! so Daddy didnt want to get any drinks for himself and had to 忍 his thirst! but we conquered the zoo and visited almost all the animals before we called it a day!

another touristy gimmick: their official photographer will take pictures for you and you can choose whether or not to print them out! 1 picture costs like $20?!! 2 pictures is $30 and 3 pictures is $35. obviously we decided to print out 3 pictures in the end! oh and if you wanted the softcopy, it’s a whooping $65!! D: D: D: madness. i think the group picture we took with our own camera (the first picture of the post) looks better lor. but since we were there for the whole experience we decided to just pay for our three pictures!

at least it’s a fairly nice shot. :S

and there’s like 400 over pictures in my zoo photos folder, but i think i will spare you all. (and also because i’m lazy) because animal pictures are actually quite boring, but i dont know why all the zoo visitors were carrying DSLRs and snapping away (including us) anyway!! i suppose it’s just part of the whole visiting the zoo thing. hahaha.

i thought the furry paw gloves went quite well with my b/w top. hahaha

hope your national day weekend was good too!!!!

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