feature: HauteUrbanSpree

today’s blogshop feature is HauteUrbanSpree!

and if you’re thinking that this is yet another online shop with the same old boring apparel again, you’re so wrong,

HauteUrbanSpree specialises in bringing in shoes! and really gorgeous designs too at that!

there’s a HUGE variety of footwear to choose from, ranging from flats, to wedges, to heels and even boots!

check out the below! starting with flats



and lastly, boots!

i’ve nursed a fetish for shoes ever since a few years ago

and HauteUrbanSpree has sooooooooooooooo many gorgeous designs, especially wedges!!!!

some of my personal favourites:

simple cream wedges that will go with any outfit

super hot red patent oxfords!!! so chio!

and for those of you lamenting that your feet sizes are too big to be able to find shoes online, fret not!

HauteUrbanSpree brings in sizes up to size 45!!!

most shops that i know of only bring in sizes up to 40 or even only 39 some times!

isn’t that awesome!

They update with NEW items every 2 weeks,

and the pre-order waiting time is only 2 weeks or less!!

those of you who dont have a penchant for shoes might be interested in some of their other sprees, like PGMall, or bag sprees!

the current shoes pre-order closes on the 22nd August (this Sunday) so quick go join the pre-order before it closes!

*Searching high and low for shoes that you can’t wear,dying for that pair of lovely shoes that does not have your size,

Come to us : http://hauteurban-spree.blogspot.com

visit HauteUrbanSpree now!




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