birthday dinner @ bottle tree park

i wore out the convertible flare dress in lavender from herwalkincloset,

did i mention that i have like FOUR different kinds of convertible dresses now? so scary right. i have the pink long and glam one from ATBU, and THREE from HWC -_- one black runched one, one navy semi long flared one and this lavender short flared one! hahaha :X i’m such a sucker for convertible dresses!!!

so yes, we ended up at a japanese restaurant in a park, and i felt mega overdressed.

guys should never tell a girl to “dress up and look nice” on their birthdays if they dont really mean us to go all the way out to dress up.
or maybe they should be more specific. like, “casual dressed up” or “dinner dressed up” or “we’re going to end up in the mud eventually dressed up”.

my dear min & reenie even treated me to a hairdo especially for the birthday dinner, and the hairstylist turned my hair into this magnificant curled mop which looked like i was totally attending prom night -.- so unfortunately when i realised that we were heading to a little restaurant in a park, i took down the hairdo and just did up a pony tail instead. awww.

nevertheless, the park was actually quite an interesting experience, and they have all sorts of activities like prawning/paintball/swan paddling etc which we didnt get to try, but you can actually check out more about bottle tree village/bottle tree park here if you’re interested. pretty cool place if you stay near the north 🙂

thank you for the small but thoughtful celebration 🙂

sometimes i guess the older you get, the less significant birthdays become.

♥ ♥ ♥

anyways, here’s a couple of apparel reviews:
2 pretty dresses from CasualGlamour!

#1 strapless bodice dress in alantic blue
a uber flattering tube dress that’d be great for formal dinners or to work with a blazer thrown over!

#2 casual royalty dress in purple
this cute dress is adorned with studs at the neckline, and the material is really good!

view the collection here

oh and for iphone users, CasualGlamour‘s sister site FreezeFame has just opened up a iphone external battery charger at $12.50 only! more details here:

alrighty, shall go and edit pictures so that i can put up a preview for the next collection. arghh.


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