shopping on cotton candy island

i got this cos i’m flying off to europe in september!! 😀 😀

i know la, it’s one of those redundant yet neccessary things (everyone needs to organise their luggage but pretty illustrations are just icing on the cake) but neway. IT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY PACKING MY LUGGAGE! which is a good thing.

nuff said. i would use this to seal TVD parcels but 我不捨得, which means i buy for fun one. because it’s cute. and me is sucker for cute things 🙁

yay! went on a clicking frenzy, shopping on Cotton Candy again, with all the above items!

it’s always a joy to shop with them and i never fail to be less than satisfied with my loots :DDD lovelovelove. the owner Catherine is really really nice and efficient too! answers to all inquiries promptly and mails out items very quickly!

cute or not my illustration! that’s me sailing away from cotton candy island on my little pirate boat with my loots ok.

love Cotton Candy!

and two apparel reviews!

#1 rose printed maxi dress from HauteHangers:

very vibrant floral prints on a gorgeous cutting! i’m so into maxi dresses lately.

#2 denim cropped jacket from Chicadale:

lovely shade of denim, and i really adore the lace trim cuffs! lace + denim = mad love!


i really want to do my hair. change hair color and neaten up my hair style!


and RANDOMLY #2,

i really want to get a DSLR! my birthday is in less than a month’s time. WHY DONT EVERYONE DONATE ME $10. (200 persons enough liao!) OR. you can buy more from SO THAT I HAVE MONEY TO SHARE A DSLR WITH THE SISSY. WTF. i know, i ish camera whore. from the LX3 to the EP1 to my (Future) DSLR in just about 12 months time.



a kind reader alerted me to this promotion and i have stashed up my 2 take home packs at home already. $13.50 is mad worth it!!!

yummy yami. you need your yami today. i’ve had mine for breakfast!

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