hungry at midnight

random 3am entry.

cos i’m hungry at midnight!

ok it’s not midnight anymore. but the story is, last time when i was in secondary school,

i had a little band together with a bunch of other peeps, and our band name was,

“The Midnight Supper Club”.

sounds so corny right?

like some children’s series, like “The Babysitters’ Club”, or something. lollll.

but anyways,

i love everything with fries, especially, especially the salt & vinegar shoe string fries!

i have major cravings for those 🙁

the skinny wings, one egg soup, tandoori chicken sandwich and breaded nz king salmon are fantabulous too. BUT i still love the shoe string fries the most. salt & vinegar please.

melikes this outfit alot. especially the polkadot straw hat and the mint colored mulberry-inspired tote! <3

and a random picture from last year (i think) of me in bangs. i generally look quite retarded in bangs, but once in awhile i hand itchy and will go and get my fringe cut into bangs. then i cannot wait to grow it out. and once i’ve kept my side swept fringe again, i start thinking about bangs. it’s a never ending vicious cycle.

on another random note, YZ’s in reservist and i havent seen him (and will not be seeing him) for almost 4 days straight! D: that’s a terribly long time, considering we nearly see each other everyday. except when i’m overseas. and he’s gonna miss my birthday next week and our anniversary cos he’s gonna be stuck in camp. FOL.

i just got my nails/toes done! toes in a simple french pedi, but my nails has nice glittery tips and little lace trims. hahaha. shall take a picture of them fingers tomorrow 😀 and i think i shall go do my hair red tomorrow too. toodles!

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