Hada Labo product review!

information courtesy of Hada Labo SG

(yes i’m purposely wearing blue to fit in with the entire blue theme. dress from here!)

i am really loving these two Hada Labo products! most of you should already have heard of them. it’s a best-selling brand from Japan that has been brought in recently by Watsons. Their top selling product Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion apparently sells at the rate of 1 bottle every 4 seconds in Japan!

that is super amazing la.

i really love the texture of the lotion. it’s light weight and absorbs to a non-sticky and dewy feeling! my skin definitely feels alot more hydrated after using it regularly for the past week. you can literally pat your cheek and feel it going boing boing. LOL. their tag line is “One Drop Locks Up An Ocean” and it is really true to its description. you just need 2 drops per application and it’s enough to hydrate and mosturise your entire face! (unless your face very big la. but my face is quite small.)

if you still havent tried it yet, here’s your chance!!!

you can redeem your free samples of the Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion by simply clicking on the above image!

i’m sure you’ll fall in love with it too! 😀

one last picture of me (because i camwhore) after using the Hada Labo products and some light make up, EP-1 is on E-Portrait mode!



redeem your free samples nao!

ps. i spent a long time doing up this review lor! (cos i gei kiang want to make nice and pretty graphics) and it’s a totally sincere 100% honest opinion review. hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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