my first time at Carnivore, Vivocity, with Tams! it’s a sorta buffet restaurant, with basically nothing but meat hahaha. so you just sit there with an empty place, and the staff will go around holding roasted spits of meat varieties and you can decide which ones you want to have and which ones to say no to! though some of them are rather persuasive so you’d probably end up

getting more than your share’s worth of meat.

the chicken heart isn’t half bad, but the idea of roasted chicken hearts on a spit is just… kind of gross :/ imagine that’s like 10 dead chicken’s hearts there.

it’s not very cheap too, cost us almost $50 per head for the dinner, but it’s cheaper during lunch times! like maybe only $30 plus dollars? so if you’re a huge meat eater, this would be an awesome place to buffet at.


i feel like a cat though. so feline looking the big brown eyes. meoww.

and yes the dress is from kristineyunny!!!

mad love for the flowy chiffon outer layer and yellow/white stripes!!!

very happy for kristine that the dress sold so well! not surprising cos the design is really unique and pretty. but surprisingly yellow is the least popular? i set my eyes on getting the yellow piece when i saw the preview! :S

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