new blog!

welcome to the new blog!!!

it’s not new new per se cos i ported all the old entries (150 entries in total! in about 1 year, which means i blog once every 2-3 days for an entire year D:) but i did up a new layout with my own graphics and illustrations ^^

am shifting over to blogspot because although LJ is great, it lacks so many customisable features that blogspot has :/ THUS. the move! but i’d still be cross-posting somewhat, whenever i update here, i’ll put a link from the LJ to here πŸ™‚ so for those peeps still following my LJ acct, you’ll still know when i’ve updated and all. not that anyone would be stalking me. but stillll. the LJ archives will still be there too πŸ™‚

soo yea, that’s what i’ve been busy with the past week, (and also no new launch on TVD last week because i only managed to go to the studio again to finish shooting the collection yesterday) and lastly TVD is going to be joining JIPABAN as a retailer too, in the following week! whee! ok la i know we’re abit slow, but better late than never right?? popped by nuffnang/jipaban office a few days ago and the guys/girls there were reaaaally sweet and nice. double yay πŸ™‚

peektures from the studio shoot: i think shalene and fish were awesomeee in the studio!!! much better than me for sure. minimal photoshop time! besttt.

and some of you must be wondering, WHO IS MY PHOTOGRAPHER.

it’s none other than SK of odorikoya fame, who is now extending her services of photographer/post-imager/designer to blogshops out there! and, i think SK is a REALLY good photographer. she really knows how to bring out the best in every model!!! and she did a fantastic job for us πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ anyway, during the shoot, this SK kept on going “老闆, shoot finish this item already, can?” WTF until all my models start going “老闆” to me also. and i said “please stop calling me 老闆 leh, if not i have to pay all of you more already -.-”


back to SK, she’s really interested to help more blogshops out there shoot and she’ll offer you the full package from styling to shooting to photoshopping to even designing!! i mean, she’s REALLY good lor and i think her prices will definitely be reasonable. so if there are any new or not-so-new blogshops out there looking for a good photographer/designer/style consultant and all, GO LOOK FOR SK. email her at to find out more!

and here’s the preview for the new collection launching tomorrow!

lotsa yummy stuff, plus restocks/extras from BO for popular items like the MNG-inspired jeggings and 10-button blazer in black! gonna be a fab collection!! i really love the clutch in both colors, and it comes with dual straps too! there’s a few items not in the preview as well. huge huge collection! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


before you start thinking that it’s my birthday,

no it isn’t, but it was YZ’s birthday yesterday, so we had a quiet birthday dinner together πŸ™‚

oh, no pictures of cakes or candles cos i dropped by his workplace the night before to surprise him with his cake already πŸ™‚ hehehe.

back to the pictures!!!!

what we ordered for starter and mains: the thai crispy beef salad (cant remember the exact name) was really nice and tangy, but the skinny pizza was a disappointment cos i read so many raves on it and we didnt really like it plus the diced chicken on it was very dry and unsavoury πŸ™ lobster linguine was awesome though, in black pepper sauce and very tasty, with a generous portion too!

just some random pictures. we made reservations for dinner actually but because we were late, they gave our indoor dining seat away and we ended up outside which was quite nice but really dark :/ which is terrible for picture taking. and the restaurant was fully booked D: never quite realised how popular dempsey is for dining, but the entire dempsey road was just crowded with people! so service was rather slow. i made the mistake of asking them to serve the starter followed by mains, and we waited 20-30 mins after the salad for our food to arrive πŸ™

happy birthday sweetie :>


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