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it’s 4am and i have a shitload of work i havent completed, and i need to be up at 7! 🙁

but i just wanted to share some new stuff that’s coming up on TVD and all because i just finished editing the pictures and doing up the preview and i think the pictures look awesomeeeeeeee max!

thanks to awesome Su who came over to help us shoot with her spankin new lens, the colors are really bright and you know JY is so fair, she looks vampiric. i had to put some color into her cheeks and make her just abit less white!! i, on the other hand, look like bangla next to her.

and really, white is SO JY’s color. she looks like freaking damn amazing in white!!!! and the SJP dress in white is like made for her!! SEE HOW WHITE SHE IS SHE PRACTICALLY GLOWS. i am so sad. why can’t i be all fair and nice?! noooooo. i must be bangla tan.

the dogs kept on getting in the way as usual, so we caught them up for a couple of pictures! hehehehe.

and YES! that’s the two colors of the co-manufactured top that we’ve collaborated with TTR on, and i really love these two colors! electric blue, and dusty pink! :))) Gina and I are keeping both colors for ourselves!!!


i think electric blue really stands out against fair skin like JY’s while i suit the dusty pink more cos of my tanned skin!
and i swear i’m getting tanner from the freaking hot sun 🙁


and my recent OTDs, most of them are coming up in the next couple of launches!!!

the blob-collar romper! paired it with BC’s nude wedges and the valentino-inspired clutch for dinner night out with the girls! 🙂 
love the lengthening effect it has on my silhouette and the material/workmanship is really fantastic! 

polka swing dress, absolutely retro get up with the camel clutch, cream heels, a side pony tail and white camellia earrings from !

polkadot goodness, with my vintage casio watch and rosette clutch <3

our manufactured top in dusty pink, along with my brand new RI bag! it was my first time carrying it out, i always find pink a tad too sweet and i need to counteract it with something abit more grungy and edgier, thus the black bag and necklace! layered chain necklace also from  . omg! i’m like doing a sensibar advertorial hehehe. 

a top i got from Fyndle on sale for $12 only!! (i think) and a new pair of high-waisted shorts that’ll be up on TVD soon! this pair really has a slimming effect on the waist/hips! <3 can't believe i never used to like high-waisted stuff cos i always thought i couldnt carry them off. but now i'm like wearing high waisted this or that every other day!

and adorable pictures of the doggies taken by Su just now,

Su does pet photography for a hobby and she loves shooting animals, especially cats!!
anyone looking for a photographer to do pet portraits for your cuddly companions?

Su’s a-okay for any shooting as long as it adheres to her timing! and she does it for the love of it too, so you dont need to pay! 😛 drop her an email if you’re interested, at taintedhybrid_studios@yahoo.com! dont say i say, but she takes really fabulous pet portraiture! see here!! 

anyone who sees these two pictures would think that i ill-treat my dogs lor. I DONT and they love me very much ok.

especially when i lure them with food, they SIT when i tell them to!! hehehehe. rapt attention on the piece of prawn roll i’m holding.

and look at these two funnies, they look like they’re in a really compromising position… haha! baby was just snuggling up to JY for some love and belly scratching and QQ just had to butt her nose in and step all over Baby!

my pets make me happy <3

i randomly chanced upon a bunch of old secondary school pictures, so here’s a few for you to D: D: D: at!

such terrible keepsakes of my fat days. and i was terribly tan and fat at the same time, because i naively believed that being tan would at least make me look abit fitter and maybe less flabbier -_- but now looking back i just look like a filipino maid, no offence to them. WTH.

but i think nothing beats this picture (almost) this is practically one of the worst pictures i’ve ever taken in my life and i look at it every once in awhile to remind myself not to turn into a whale again.

giant pink beached whale, anyone.

and i look suspiciously like i will grow old to look like my aunt in future. cue saggy eyes and cheeks and my witchy chin getting fatter.

AND i just had alaskan crab again today because Daddy was very gian for crab. 
four of us, one huge crab that weighed 3.7kg, and a total bill of $758.46 D: D: D:

i went home and weighed myself right after the huge meal and i actually weigh 2kg heavier than usual OMFG.
looks like tomorrow is detox day! i doubt i’d be hungry til dinner time, considering the amount of calories i ingested just now.


time to face another new week, but to look on the bright side, work = money!!!!! awesome much.

have a good week ahead dear readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i miss you all alot and i miss updating this space too 🙁 awww. i’m so emo nemo at 5am in the morning!! :(((

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