happy birthday mummy!

celebrated Mummy’s birthday the previous night,
at where else again but Daddy’s favourite LBK! we only just went there for lunch on Monday, but Daddy really has no other restaurant he likes as much as LBK (except maybe thai village!) so off to LBK it was last night.

i wore Vel’s embellished toga that i just received from backorder, but i think it’s gonna be my first and last time in it! it’s mad gorgeous with the embellishments but i think it’d look way better on someone else with a better figure. so, anyone interested in the toga, drop me an email or leave a comment! 😀 i’m gonna be selling it off at $29, worn only for a few hours once! (sold!)

dress from  ,
inspired clutch from hervelvetvase,
and shoes from  !

i changed into a fiercer pair of black heels in the end though, but i think those brown heels went really well with the toga!

and guess who we brought along to dinner, hehehehe

this silly dog kept on wuffing throughout dinner and trying to squeeze her head out of the carrier!
we had to shut her up by feeding her bits of rice! 
good thing we had a private dining room if not other diners would be sure to complain :X

and here’s my beautiful Mummy, the guest of honour! :)))
i didnt count how old she is this year, i’m sure she doesnt want to be reminded of her age either 😛 but she’s actually still very young, i think she’s 44 this year? young and pretty 😛

my aunts joined in for the birthday dinner as well, dont you think they all look rather alike and i think i look like them too! now i know how i’d age 30 years down the road……

me, with Gina being an extra in the background, hey our noses kind of look alike here! (ugly noses. why didnt we get mummy’s nice sharp nose instead.)

and more random pictures of me, Gina and Lina

check out the gorgeous sequin embellishments on the dress! <3 really very prettteeeehhh.

QQ starting being all whiny and attention seeking, so we cuddled her for abit of lovin’!

she’s soooooooooo cute. and she’s become more loving of late so that makes her even more adorable! when you say “gai-gai”, she’ll hop right into her little pink carrier and wait for you to bring her out. hahahahaha. mad cuteeee.

and the eating begins! <3

bamboo clam! one of Lina and my favourite. love the garlic/vermicelli topping!

and the star dish of the night which also cost a whopping 800 dollars D: D: D:

this GIGANTIC white pepper alaskan crab!!!!  it’s huuuuuge.

my aunts very funny.
“Wahhh!! 800 dollars leh, this one must 拍!”

it was reaaaaally good. juicy, tender, and SO MUCH FLESH OMG. the legs are the best part!!!

see. not even the lettuce is spared.

but 800 dollars omg. that’s my prada wallet sitting there on a plate! so friggin ex :/ only my dad would bear to pay for such a meal! but since dinner was on him, teehee. enjoy the good food!! 😛

more random food intermission pictures while waiting for the next dish. lollll

someone wanted to show off her freshly manicured nails by sticking them into my picture… -.-

next dish, another of our favourites! deep fried fish in thai style 😀 

 i need to ask Mummy to learn how to cook this! so that she can cook it for us at home 😛

followed by very yummy pork ribs (that’s supplied by Daddy!)

and extremely tender and yummy roast chicken!!

and then we rested for abit while waiting for the next dish, and brought QQ out to play 😀

daddy loves QQ more than he loves us now, i swear she’s like his 4th daughter or something. sleeps in his air-con room, gets special doggie chocolate treats and baby talks to her!

but we love QQ too 😀 she’s just toooo adorable. hehehe.

toilet camwhore! 

and the last two dishes to end off the night:

longevity “peaches”!

and ice cream in glutinous rice, uber yummy 🙂

total bill amounted to over a thousand dollars thanks to the alaskan crab -_- but it was so goooood. hehehe courtesy of Daddy! <3
happy birthday to Mummy dearest!

family photo! bad lighting though -_-


randomly, i really loooove these two items from the last collection!
the BF shirt in blue looks soooo good i couldnt decide which pictures to use for the collage. 

and the high-waist skirt is just love <3 the workmanship and material is really fab! can't wait to wear it out 🙂

apparently my camera makes me look fat. half the pictures from the previous collection were taken by Joyce’s new DSLR and they look awesome!!! geeeez i wanna get a DSLR now toooooo 🙁

rest of the collection is up here!

okiedoks, back to work 🙁 i have a shitload of work to complete and i’ve barely started!!!
and everyone’s been having fun asking me all kinds of question on FS but i must say it’s quite an entertaining read!


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