going vintage

 newly acquired items to join the family,

a pocket watch on a necklace that has a real running clock! it’s lovely and tells the time, dual purpose 😛
love the antique feel to it 🙂

vintage looking cut-out sandals you can find on ILoveLRH,
they’re adorable looking and mad comfy! and also subconsciously influenced my outfits for the past couple of days because i wanted to “match” the shoes, are you girls also like that? : P whenever i get a new bag/accessory/shoes i always subconsciously try to pick an outfit that will allow me to wear my new stuff out as well. teehee.

so i paired it with this two-way floral maxi skirt, the prints are really unique and pretty! you can choose to wear it as a tube by pulling it all the way up and cinching a waist belt, or as a skirt with a plain colored top 🙂 love it both ways, and there’s this little lace eyelet detail on the petticoat which really adds to the charm 🙂

and i also paired it with the sunny yellow maxi from a few collections ago, and did my hair up in a braid :>
a pretty good hair job if i do say so myself!

and i am super loving this pair of new MNG-inspired jeggings! they’re really extremely comfy and flattering, i dont usually like jeans/jeggings of any sort but these are soft and stretchy, and not hot at all! 

plus this unique hemmed detail at the sides 🙂 freaking awesome! if you’re a fan of jeggings, you’re bound to love this pair! if you dont own any, then more the more you should start your collection with this pair!


oh, and swensens 1-for-1 lunch is the best 🙂
two main courses at less than $10 each, mad worth the money!!!

love is a shared fudgey chocolatey gooey sinful mudpie.

anyway, someone asked on my FS if i broke up with YZ, which is such a random question! i guess it’s because he hasn’t been appearing as much on my LJ recently? but anyways it’s only because we havent been taking pictures that much, but no nothing has happened to us kay.


and an assortment of random dog pictures. 
arent the two of them adooorable 🙂

here’s today’s sale item!

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