friday dinner dates

dragged the BF to try the much raved about crabmeat linguine at La Cantina in Venezia,
the crabmeat linguine is really :D~ thick creamy sauce with chunks of tender crabmeat, definitely worth the trip down!
along with the complimentary fresh bread basket, a starter of duck ham, parma ham on melon appetizer, we hardly have italian cuisine so this was something refreshing! 

not very easy on the pocket (one side and one main to share cost us $50!) but i would so go back for the crabmeat linguine!
speaking of crabmeat linguine, i miss Marmalade Pantry’s crabmeat linguine and sticky date & toffee pudding with ice cream.. ahhh… temptations and cravings….


a gorgeous new eyelet broderie dress, it’s an almost exact topshop replica which is selling on topshop for 35 pounds!
i love the intricate eyelet and stitching details. and the corset boning really adds structure to the dress 🙂 it’s rather pricey though because of the good workmanship and material! 🙁 but compared to topshop’s 35 pounds, it’s really a steal! 


zealously guarding her Pooh, she loves it and can’t do without this smelly soft toy of hers.


loving my new convertible dress from  ! madmad chio and super flattering! can’t wait to wear it out ;P 


and i think this is simply awesomely mad adorable! :>

backorders are up for the SJP-inspired dress and the Chiffon Overlay Tunic!
i heart the cover page i did for the backorder, lol

click on the picture to enter the page! 
some customers emailed/tweeted us and told us they really love the top/dress, i’m so glad :>
and i saw a review on CC of the top and it looks so fab on our customer! i feel like a proud mama! i think Joyce would know how i feel teehee.

we’re so excited about our co-manufacturing and we’ll have more more items coming up in future! i was joking that we should name our co-manufactured label “TheVelvetRack”! hahah. a cross between TVD and TTR! so awesomely cute. we could even make special labels for our co-manufactured range too! all kinds of exciting possibilities 😀


and i finally completed the current batch of freelance, and now i can relax a little bit more and make up for lost time with the poor BF,
who’s been working so hard everyday 🙁 i wish i could detach myself from the computer for abit, but it’s a pretty hard thing to do! what with BB pushmail, and all, it’s difficult to draw a line between personal time and work. 

hopefully this weekend will be a good one!

i’ve come up with this fab idea of selling my unwanted clothes! since i dont have time (or i’m too lazy) to compile all my unwanted clothings into a sales post, i’ve decided to do a “Sale item of the day” post instead! and when the item is sold, the next item will come along ;D hehehehe. NOT BAD RIGHT.

so here’s my first sale item!!!!


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