food for thought


one fine afternoon,
we traipsed down to Food For Thought for food, and for thinking over food,

accompanied by two furry critters air flown from the far away lands of NZ,
to join our merry companionship

hello hello!

not forgetting their good friend,
Fish turned Lamb,

a strange permutation indeed!
and a rather painful transformation, at that.

so we ordered a starter fit for all the greens-eating members present,

an oriental version of the caesar, this one with braised egg, and soy sauce

and the Fish-turned-Lamb proclaimed it good.

potato mushroom gratin, 
delectably indulgent and creamy. 

temporarily bestowed with a little black bow before it transferred ownership to someone who had more need for it,

banana walnut pancakes with maple syrup drizzled all over, and a generous dollop of cream,
must try! absolutely heavy and tastes so much more real than their processed counterparts over at macdonalds, though i do confess that i’m addicted to processed food, but this was fantabulous!

latte for the caffeine-addicted Fish/Lamb

and this is what is known as caffeine-induced hyperactivity.

and in true blue topsy turvy fashion,
we followed up the breakfast food with a peanut butter trifle,

peanutbutterbananabrowniechocolatecream all in one glass. yums.

here’s a non-rhetorical question:
how many hands does it take to use a salt grinder?


and the answer is, we still failed to get the salt out of the grinder with our 4 pairs of hands -.-

give up.

pictures on art filter mode, produces a diana-esque effect.

and look at this adorable kid at the neighbouring table,

her eyes are so huge and round! 

back to the trip planning. miss woon and her huge map of europe and stack of travel books.

woon belongs in grainy b/w better.

and that was that!

en route to YMS…

and we spotted graffiti-ed walls of art = camwhore


emo-nemo wanabes.


The End.


backorders for the MNG-inspired jeggings are up!
it’s a MUST-BUY!

they’re seriously the most comfy pair of jeggings i’ve ever worn, and the fit is fantastic, plus it’s very soft and stretchy and will acommodate a huge range of sizes!

in case you dont like the washed black one, the blue jeggings are as fab, Gina and I are keeping both colors for ourselves:X she prefers the blue and i prefer the black!

but really, the blue is just as gorgeous a shade!

best pair of jeggings ever, swear.

backorders are closing on Sunday and will arrive in 3 weeks time! go join nao!

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