Feature: ElectricLoveLtr!

 is one amazing online boutique,
i looove the whimsical designs and layout, and i think their model is simply gorgeous!

other than offering a wide range of chic apparel as seen in Collection 9
 has also brought in a series of bags lately, 
which you can find in Collection 10,

here’s just a few of the bags available from Collection 10:

i especially love this vintage looking birkin-inspired tote! the shade of red is really beautiful and it’d go with many outfits too!

and here’s something exciting for my readers,
[info]electricloveltr is holding a LUCKY DRAW!!! especially for you all!! 😀 😀 😀
and the winner will walk away with this gooorgeous rose clutch!

Dusky Rose Clutch, $36


and it’s very simple,
all you need to do is to email in to ELL, at myelectricloveletter@gmail.com
and quote “I’m a reader of Yina’s blog!”

ElectricLoveLtr will pick 1 lucky winner who will win the dusky rose bag.
Results will be announced at the end of the week.
Kindly leave your particulars and address!

QUICK go and email them to take part in this lucky draw!!! i also want the bag lorrrr. you might just be that one lucky winner to walk away with this lovely bag!!

oh, and dont forget to join their mailing list, by dropping them an email at myelectricloveletter@gmail.com
and at the same time join their fanpage on Facebook for more updates here!



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