2PM -8PM


come down in TVD apparel and be entitled to special discounts/perks! we promise you wont be disappointed!

expect special flea exclusive items, yet-to-be-launched new items, special promotions and previous collection items at cut throat SALE prices! 🙂 we’ll also be bringing our own unwanted clothes for sale too 😛

you’ll also get to meet TVD in person, including JY and Yina who will be around to help out as well!

best of all, the flea will be held in indoor air-conditioned comfort, so no sweating like a pig when shopping! 😀

see you there on Sunday!



and i’ve been having lotsa fun preparing for the flea!!! including printing out pretty name cards, and making a n00bie signboard for the booth!

but still,
i’m very proud of my signboard!!! 

aaand the name cards!

i’ve been doing all sorts of TVD related rubbish lately, mostly craft stuff haha! so awesome!

nubbie accompanied me down to doby ghaut to collect my boxes of name cards,
i was so worried the surly shop uncle did the name cards wrongly or something, but thankfully they turned out quite pretty! 😀 abit darker than i’d wanted the colors to be, but still, acceptable by my standards!

nice??? the rounded corners are meticulously done myself though! i think rounded corners just make the whole thing look nicer somehow. hehehe. hope people dont throw them away after taking them at the flea! 🙁 i will be very sad if i see any lying in the bin.

one should never miss a trip to Victor’s Kitchen when you’re in the vicinity of sunshine plaza!!!
it’s this really awesome dim sum shop in there, super no frills like kopi tiam like that but the dim sum is sooooo yummy. (not cheap also!!) total meal came up to about 24 dollars… but considering our satisfied stomachs, it’s worth the money!!

it was pretty jam packed when we were there, but the food doesnt take too long to serve which was great because we were really hungryyyy.
i think alot of working executives in the area go there for lunch!

whilst waiting for food, here’s nubbie in her TVD apparel and holding name card! yes! number 1 supporter ok hahaha.

and meeee too! (ps. this are the unrounded cards! not so nice right)

back to the food.
we ordered quite a variety of dishes, including century egg porridge, siew mai, har gao, chee cheong fan, black bean sauce pork ribs and carrot cake! all super yummy or maybe we were just really ravenous.

century egg porridge, i love porridge and this is tasty enough that you dont need to add soy sauce or anything to it! awesome.

chee cheong fan with prawns! awwwwww i love chee cheong fan too! 

nubbie very good at taking unglam shots one.

see what i meaaannn.

me and my siew mai. reminds me of this super funny song called “dim sum girl”, by notorious msg. if you havent heard it before, you need to go google it and listen to it! so addictively funny. 

a tiny platter of pork rib! not too bad. abit fatty though. can skip if you’re not a very big fan of black bean sauce pork rib.

oh man, i didnt take a close up shot of the carrot cake (the one in the background, left!), but their carrot cake is so mouth-wateringly good! it’s different from the conventional carrot cake that it’s not really a slab of cake, but it’s steamed in a bowl and drenched in sauce, and it’s super soft and melt-in-the-mouth delicious! i’m so addicted to it now, can’t wait to go back to have it again!

har gao! yummy :))) but you have to eat it piping hot when it’s served!

happy nubbie while we’re busy filling our stomachs!

and me!

my outfit is this super adorable H&M inspired denim frock that’ll be up on TVD next 🙂

it has a fitted bodice and a flared skirt, with a row of metal buttons down its front, damn nice! everyone whos seen it loves it and wants to keep a piece! it comes in sizes for a better fit (i am wearing M! S is super tight on meeee :((( ) with extremely good workmanship and material, and nubbie said she saw the exact same piece selling at FEP for like 59.90!!!! D:

and it goes awesomely with my mustard bag too, and the BC nude cork wedges!

visited Paper Market at PS to look for more materials for the signboard!
am quite a fan of Paper Market now and i’ve been buying all sorts of stuff from there! 

that’s an eraser with little russian dolls on its packaging! russian dolls are really super in now, it’s like the new craft fad, i dont know why! but kinda good, cos it makes it easier to find stuff to use for TVD,

like this super cute stamp that i got from Paper Market as well,

hahahaha SO CUTE RIGHT??? i’m sorry not all the parcels sent out have this stamped on it though cos it’s quite tedious, have to manually ink the stamps on the ink pad then stamp one by one and re-ink and all! so only have time to stamp them when very free. hahahaha. but stillll they’re so mad love adorable!

the “Thank You” stamp is a different one, and the stars one is from the circus stamp set from cotton candy! speaking of which i just received the circus2 that i backordered for, havent had time to open and play with it yet!!!

and my extremely “made with love” signboard for the flea!
i’m gonna show you how it was done step-by-step, though it’s super n00b but it’s really fun to do and i’m quite proud of it, especially how i did the TVD logo doll!!

step1. roughly layout the chipboard letters where i think they should be! must try to visualise the composition and space on the signboard. because i wanted to fit in a doll, thus leaving the space at the bottom right!

step2. using patterned card stock i bought, (specially choose colors that i thought were most similar to the original logo!!!), i trace out the doll shape, and start cutting!!

step3. this cute little heart shape punch ($2 from DAISO!) to punch out a little heart from angbao paper (i damn budget and recycle ok!) for my doll mouth

step4. together with a white piece of paper cut out for the doll face, all i’m missing are the rosy cheeks and the eyes now!

step5. use some chalk pastels and a cotton bud to add little pink spots of color to the doll’s cheeks!

step6. add the painstakingly cut out little eyes, and stick them on in place,

tadaaa!!! my completed doll!!! i love it so <3 

step7. trace out the letters on the card stock, and proceed to cut them out letter by letter…

step8. roll up balls of double sided tape to stick the letters on the paper so that it has abit of a “pop out” effect!

letters done!!!

and the entire thing looks like this now:

i know, it’s very simple and plain compared to those fancy-nancy scrapboking stuff, but i’m really quite proud with it already!!! :>

so now you know which signboard to look out for at the flea,
dont forget to pop by!

it’s gonna be on Sunday at ILUMA LVL7 again!!!

remember to wear TVD apparel if you have any, it’ll entitle you to further discounts on top of the existing sale prices! and there are gonna be lotsa new items at the flea too, so you don’t wanna miss all the good deals! 😛



ending off with my cute pets. haha! i love them so!

she looks like she’s guarding my envelopes for me, but actually, she just likes to lie on anything that’s on the floor, especially soft fluffy cushions but cos there were no cushions lying around, she decided to lie down on my envelopes instead! so funny.

long legged QQ who didnt want to look at the camera!

so i forced her to hahahahaha :X 

alrighty, am off for now! 😀

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