hooked on flea!

it’s tuesday and i feel quite sufficiently recovered from the hectic flea day to blog about it now. haha!
fleas are so tiring!
how can some people go for them all the time!

this was our virgin flea experience and we were so n00b lah.

but firstly,
i must really salute JY and her car. we would never have done it without her amazing convertible backseat car!!!

we managed to fit:
2 suitcases
2 racks
2 chairs
2 containers of clothes
1 huge pasar malam carrier of stocks
and lots of other random stuff in her amazing little car D:

actually ironed all the pieces that were to be hung up, but they all got crumpled in the end… -.-

and best of all,
JY’s GPRS battery died on us about 2 minutes after we set off from my house. hahahahahaha.Β 
we had to resort to using my crappy BB googlemaps to navigate our way to ILUMA!

we got there without much mishaps except being stuck in traffic,
and making two rounds around bugis to locate the ILUMA carpark >< we were so busy setting up the booth and lugging our stuff into our space from the carpark, so no pictures of that! the space wasnt quite what we expected though,
it was kind of dark and the lighting was really bad πŸ™ very cramped too!

took the above two pictures from JY’s blog! this was how the initial booth set up looked like πŸ˜›

people started streaming in, so we started getting busy!

to be honest, the turn out was not as good as we we expected! πŸ™
but we still managed to sell quite alot of our own preloved items (JY’s and Gina’s cos there was no space to put mine -.-)
and also there were many sweet girls who came down to show their support for TVD! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

the first customers of the day that arrived in TVD apparel!
and two of my personal favourites somemore, the nautical bandage skirt dress and the floral romper!! <3 <3
lighting was terrible though -.-

slightly better but you can see the photographer’s shadow in the picture hahaha :X

JY’s bf, Josh got here, and he was really nice to run errands for us, such as buying drinks, getting change and etc!

then Gina came too,Β 

and we started camwhoring despite the terrible lighting

anyway, just to clarify,
everyone thinks Gina is my younger sister, but actually she’s my ELDER SISTER okay.
actually, we dont even look related.

three of us, all in TVD apparel no less! JY’s in the wine chiffon tunic, which is her absolute favourite! Gina’s in the vintage striped cardi + ruffled tunic + leggings, while i’m in the flea-exclusive H&M nautical printed denim dress πŸ™‚

some of my friends arrived πŸ˜€

say hello to Hat and Fish! and Fish is wearing her favourite TVD apparel too, the tie-front sky blue sundress which she looks gorgeous in <3

anyways, some of you might have spotted that halfway through the flea i actually changed into a black maxi, hehehe.
initially, my plan was to change every hour so as to showcase our clothes LOL. but abit overkill! decided to change into the black maxi (upcoming on TVD!) for abit though!

here’s Gina with another sweet customer who came in the vintage ruffle tunic, clothes twins with Gina! teehee.
had to make them take a picture together though the customer requested for her face to be mosaic-ed out so i blurred out her face! πŸ˜›

if you take a closer look at the picture, it’s rather suspicious. hahahaha :X why is a guy joining our mailing list?!
okok we’ll tell you why it’s because nobody wanted to leave their emails on our mailing list so we made Josh invent a few names and emails so that our mailing list book didnt look so pathetic… T.T now the secret is out!!!

my dear friends browsing the rack and taking forever to decide on the items they want! tsk tsk tsk.

another of our regular customer, who’s also a big fan of JY’s style came down! she was wearing the printed babydoll frock, sooo nice on her! thanks for dropping by, Shareena! πŸ™‚

and this is peijun, who is absolutely tinyyy and i feel damn massive next to her ): she’s one of the lucky few to own the bohemian printed sundress of which we only brought in a few pieces of, and she managed to find someone selling it on cotters mall!! D: D: D: but it looks damn good on her!! oooh i just noticed we’re both wearing name necklaces hehehe.

nubbie and wendy also appeared, with KOI for me! and nubbie bought the H&M dress and wore it immed teehe cos she was going for mother’s day dinner!

i just realised i didnt take picture with eils ): EILS WHY DIDNT WE TAKE PICTURE TOGETHER??? eils also bought koi for all of us and saved us all because i was really super thirsty from all the talking and whatnot! i was being a very hardworking sales girl ok :/

and how could i have missed out pictures with jozie! sorry joze!!! :X too many pictures and i accidentally missed out those with you!

spot the koi πŸ˜›

we actually had this wonderful idea of labelling all our clothes with little orange stickers with prices on them,
but an hour into the flea, practically all our price stickers were lying around the floor already πŸ™

our next door neighbours,Β Β and i bought earrings from them!! :X i look damn giant in this picture again πŸ™ must be the BC cork wedges! JY and i were shoe twins that day. wanted to take a picture of our feet but it was so dark we never got the chance!

YZ also came down <3 all the helpful boyfriends hehehe.
Farah came down in the black jumpsuit though you can’t tell in this picture! <3
felicia’s booth was just 2 tables away, it was quite hilarious because she and the next door table SLH kept on wanting to borrow my crappy mirror hahahaha. so this just proves my point that a small mirror is still better than none! πŸ˜› oh and JY & i changed again haha JY changed into the denim shirt dress cos she couldnt wait to keep a piece while i changed back into the H&M denim dress because i wasnt gonna wear a maxi home :X so we’re all looking blue da ba dee in this picture!

the photographer said we all look like strangers. ooh you can see YZ’s reflection in the mirror haha bottom right hand corner!

so we took a closer shot haha! better? πŸ˜›

picture with the neighbours! πŸ˜€ and our sighboards haha theirs is so cute!

and you know JY and i hardly have any nice pictures together, it’s quite sad πŸ™ we always take each other’s pictures for TVD photoshoot but we hardly take pictures together!!

these two are passable, i think.

last random picture, of Gina with one of the flea organisers, before we started packing up for the day!

it was a really fun experience, and i enjoyed meeting and interacting with all the customers!! but i think it’s really tiring too, but also i guess cos it was our first time so we didnt know what to expect and over prepared! :X lugged back one whole bag of the stocks we brought there. hahaha. but it’s ok, because we’re gonna be launching a SALESSS post on TVD soon for those of you who missed the flea! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ plus also there are lots of new items yet to be released, so expect them to be launched soon, (hopefully by this weekend!)

thanks to all the customers and friends who popped by, there were so many i didnt manage to take pictures with, or speak much too! πŸ™Β 

ps. if your face is somewhere here and you wish to be mosaic-ed out or something, just drop me a comment/email ok! ><


our domestic helper of 9 years also left us on Sunday, i think our poor chihuahua misses her very much because she used to sleep with her every night (before climbing into bed with me in the mornings) so we took some pictures with auntie rutchel and the dogs for her to keep!

anyway, am having am absolutely terrible crampy day and the weather is so hot πŸ™

i’m so sad because it’s tuesday which means gelare waffle but there’s noone to eat waffles with me today! boohoo.
who wants to eat tuesday waffles next week, lemme know ok!!!

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