dreading work and being an utter procrastinator

been getting all kinds of funny questions on FS,

but most of them relate to weight loss and the likes, suddenly i’m aunt agony on weight loss!

and i’ve actually signed up for two packages with my doctor, who is also the one i consulted for my weight loss many years ago and is also my dermatologist as well, one package is a silk peel package which is for my face, and the other is a weight loss cavitation package for spot treatment (i intend to do my thighs ><) so i'm gonna be blogging about these two services as offered by my doctor, hehe because i'll be helping him promote his services! 😀 i did my first session of silk peel this week, Silkpeel DermaInfusionSilkPeel®, featuring Dermalinfusion™, is a non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of skin-specific solutions, leaving you with a radiant, refreshed and hydrated skin. You will see an immediate brightness and clarity in the skin, with no downtime.

my complexion is actually really horrid, but you can’t see from my pictures because most of my acne is on my forehead! so Dr Sim prescribed me a cleanser and two creams, and also recommended that i do silk peel, which is this machine that suctions out all your blackheads/dirt, at the same time exfoliating your skin and infusing it with a solution that will leave your face more radiant and hydrated! 😀 

right after the session, my face immediately felt smoother and cleaner! sad to say that smooth, clean feeling didn’t last for long, but i’m sure after the entire package (which is a total of 7 sessions!) i’ll definitely see a long term improvement in my complexion!! 😀 😀 😀 hopefully, with the help of the creams prescribed! 

i wanted to put up a picture of my acne spotted forehead, but i think it’s quite scary eh. and i dont want to risk losing my readership before visible results can be seen. LOL. 

what’s great about Dr Sim at AestheticWorks is that he offers FREE consultation, which means to say anyone can book a consultation session with him for free and he can take a look at whatever problems you’re facing and advise you on treatment, which you can then choose to take up, or not!

you can find out more about AestheticWorks at their website here
or simply call up the clinic @ 6493 3678 to book your free consultation session with Dr Sim!

and i can personally vouch for the friendly staff there and great service because i’ve been going there since i was 19! that’s like 4 years already! 🙂 and Dr Sim is also the one who’s helped me with my weight loss back then. i remember going back regularly every month for check-in sessions and seeing my weight loss recorded every session! and now hopefully Dr Sim will also be able to help me spot treat my problem areas like my hips/thighs! >< my next session will be in 3 weeks time, so stay tuned for my progress!

had sinfully yummy dinner at chomps a couple days ago, i love their hokkien mee and BBQ chicken wings! and satay! and so much more. craving for chomps again now!

we were sitting right in front of the fan, accounting for the very wind blown hair -_- i cut my fringe! and my hair! but i dont like my hair because it’s too thin now and keeps on curling in the wrong places. dammit.

fried carrot cake, fried hokkien mee, and bbq chicken wings :D~~ droolsome combination.

pork satay! im hungry.

a giant mug of watermelon juice for just $2! where else to find?

followed by dessert at the nearby dessert bowl

love the deco!

the mango sago and durian mousse there are excellent, the mango crepes were so-so though, havent tried the rest!

love my embroidered dress,
which is an exclusively manufactured for TVD piece! <3
coming up in the next collection, in four yummy colors! 

i love all the colors! <3

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