shopping spree on cotton candy island!

as i mentioned on my previous entry, i received my nice fat parcel from Cotton Candy yesterday, and ripped it open in a hurry! <3 it’s not my first time shopping with them, but definitely one of my hugest hauls so far, because they just updated with new in-stock items! :X you can check out what’s “fresh on the island” (love the creative branding!!) here

as i mentioned, i really adore the effort they put into presentation and packaging! anyone would be happy to receive such a cute parcel already, contents not withstanding!

plus you know your items will arrive in fantastic condition, because of all the care they take to protect it in bubblewrap/tissue paper! 
they’re also really efficient and quick when it comes to mailing out items, so you can be sure your parcel will reach you in the fastest possible time!

yay! this time round, i got a ton of stuff, including cute stickers, post-its, a mini planner (“donated” the old one to my sis cos it was kinda big for my taste to carry around!), a super duper adorable DIY stamp set, cards, pens and more 😛 

all in the name of working more productively and efficiently of course :X everyone needs stationery, especially cute Korean stationery!

what i really like about them is that the items IRL are just as pretty as they look in the stock pictures shown on the website! definitely no disappointment when you see the items in real life, and most of the time, i’m really thrilled and satisfied with the items 🙂

first up is my new pura girl planner hehehee

it’s small and handy, good size for me to tote around to jot down reminders and appointments for myself 🙂

the interior is just as cute as the cover! but it’s kinda strange though, the diary only covers Mon-Thurs per page?! o well. just gonna use every 2 page spread for one week!

also got these cute index stickers to bookmark out the months in the planner! spot the russian doll one. (never knew that russian dolls are so IN now)

two adorable animal ballpoint pens, one Cat and one Rabbit to brighten up my day 🙂 the candy colors are so sweet!

i really looove these set of 10 cards! they’re so colorful and happy looking, it’d definitely send a smile to the person who receives them!
and of course, i got them because there are 2 very cute Russian Doll cards in this set of 10! 😛

they come with their own envelopes too! but i think i can’t bear to use them up now. that’s the problem with buying overly precious things. you dont bear to use them in the end 🙁

here’s something useful,

a wire winder for my headphones so they dont get all tangled up when not in use! 

pink because they match my girly pink headphones 😛 

and something that i use very often to keep track of stuff: post-its!

in a variety of sizes for different purposes 🙂

so cute right!

stuck em on my laptop and wall :X

couldnt resist getting two sets of uber kawaii stickers too, i intend to use them to decorate parcels!

arent these ADORABLE. awwwwwwwwwww!

the other set is just as cute:

i nearly missed this out!!! a set of 4 little notebooks with lined paper and very nicely illustrated covers!

aaaaaaaaaaaand saving the best for the last,
my favouritest favouritest item bought from cotton candy this time round:
this extremely fun and quirky DIY stamp set! <3 <3
i got the Circus-1 set, and it’s so cute! if you check out the page here, the stock pictures show really creative use of the stamps! to decorate lampshades, postcards, and etc!

you have to DIY the stamps though, but that’s the fun part! 😛

however i think most of the stamp sets are all OOS already, but they’ve opened a BO for them! (i’m joining too to get the Circus-2 set to complete my circus collection 😛 ) the BO instructions are at the bottom of the main page here!!

<3 that’s the end of my huge haul from cotton candy! i am an extremely satisfied and happy girl.

and since i’m at it,
i thought i might as well review a couple of other items i’ve yet to do so:

my black/nude pumps from  that just came in the mail recently,

took one size up from my usual C&K size as advised, and they fit me perfectly 🙂 the back of the pumps are still abit hard though, not sure if they’ll be confortable to walk in, but i guess i need to “season” them and break them in! i like the simple black/nude combination, very versatile and wearable with any outfit!

another item i received but havent reviewed/used,
HVV‘s bal-inspired clutch in dusty pink 🙂

of study material, and the color is a pale nudish pink, very pretty 🙂

it has one compartment in the flap, and another two compartments in the main clutch itself. pretty roomy and should be able to fit quite a number of things! i have such a weakness for clutches though i very hardly use them -.-|||||


i think an iphone is looking so much funner than a BB at the mo, though i still dont like the idea of a touch screen instead of keypad… 🙁
but there’s so many more fun apps on the iphone! shall wait for the 4g to come out!

Farah took these pictures of the dogs using some lomo app! 

looking unbelievably cow-like with those brown spots!

and the long legged mischief maker couldnt stay still for long, resulting in alot of blurred shots!

very shaggy. i suspect she’s got some mutated old english sheepdog genes in her.


ciao now!
have another 2 pages to complete by the end of tomorrow! $_$ 

i miss koi alot.
and cinnamon melts!
and soup BCM.

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