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was up since 730am today because we had to rush out a photoshoot to make it for tonight’s launch! am so so tired after all the modelling and photo editing and crap! πŸ™ and i made sure i piled on extra extra make up today so that it’d minimise the time needed to spend photoshopping afterwards.. haha! both JY and i have learnt that we need more make up so that we dont look so washed out and pale with the camera flash!

this time round, we tried lots of new styles in the collection! for instance i would never ever wear harem pants in my life if not for Gina insisting on bringing in the harem pants (she’s a mad fan of harem pants and other such stuff that i’m not into)

and here’s some of the stupid looking pictures from Sulin’s camera, that we didnt put up on TVD obviously!

trying one of those extreme poses but both JY and i are EXTREMELY. bad at posing -_- hahaha! very sad leh! everytime we try to do those “sud sud” poses, always end up looking like fools πŸ™ so we always have very standard boring stiff poses. sorryyyy la πŸ™ thats why we need new models for TVD!!!!

anyway, the harem pants look really grow on me, i thought i’d look massively fat in them with my huge hips, thick waist and big butt, but it actually is alot more flattering than i thought it’d be, and i think i might end up keeping one for myself haha! :X since Gina definitely wants to keep a pair, we can share… though i think it looks abit like i’m about to go for judo class or something! -.-

one of the starting test shots Su took to get the camera setting the way we wanted it, i love this tshirt dress TTM! it’s so comfy, the wide neckline accentuates my shoulders and it can be worn in so many ways! i esp love how it looks with a bandage skirt.

bandage skirts are another fashion commodity that’s growing on me as well! on the contrary of making you look fat, i think they really have a slimming effect and are especially good paired with loose tops! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ i remember the first bandage skirt i bought was BC’s studded bandage skirt because Vel looked so fabulous in it, and now i have three bandage skirts already :X one studded, one panelled and one plain! and they’re all so awesomezzz <3 you know how there are some clothes that always look good no matter how you pose, and there are those that look fabulous in real life, but are actually really hard to bring out in a photo! so weird right πŸ™ but this is one of those universally flattering babydoll dress that looks good regardless of what angle/poses you’re giving! πŸ˜›
i love the grape purple color! and it’s made of comfy viscose with inner satin lining, really good workmanship πŸ™‚

we always make a huge mess of the dining area whenever we do the photoshoot! clothes strewn all over the table, along with accessories, belts, shoes lying about the floor…Β 

you might recognise the booties that JY always wears for shoots, and my nude heels and favourite GUESS heels! need more shoes though. and i joined the BO for the BC nude wedgessss!!! excitezzz they look really good on JY! can’t wait for the BO to arrive! πŸ™‚

and some shots of my dogs, who are always around to “participate” in the shoot and mess things up actually. hahaha.

silly QQ! who was making a din upstairs so we brought her down for abit of play time πŸ™‚

we bullied the fat chihuahua and put her on top of the ironing board, she got quite freaked out for abit and didnt dare to move…

Pepper πŸ™‚ she’s so hyperactive she can’t stop scrambling about all over the house!Β 

and this funny picture looks like Baby is attempting some yoga pose, but she’s just trying to scratch her itchy spot.. haha!

QQ looking like a very shaggy dog in need of a hair cut!

you can view the entire collection here! πŸ™‚ just click on the collage to enter the page πŸ™‚


the choir performed for a wedding reception at the Botanic Gardens on Sunday, and other than being very humid and sticky, it was a wonderful experience, i think weddings are always so sweet and the mood is infectious, even being there as an outsider to sing for the bride and groom makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside πŸ™‚Β 

i took public transport home with this make up on my face though, people must have thought i was a freak -.-

red red reddd lipstick and lotssss of blush. we call it the vampire lipstick haha.

my OTD for that day was the ms selfridge-inspired perplum blouse paired with the plain bandage skirt, they go awesomely well together πŸ™‚ i love the red buttons on the polka-dotted navy, so quirky and cute! never been a fan of perplum because i’m afraid it’d make my ginormous hips wider, but this top looks great! paired with a nice vintagey bag “borrowed” from Gina haha.Β 

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

more updates soon! life hasnt been giving me much to update about πŸ™ i need some shopping! retail therapy! online or brick&mortar shops will do. but i have no money :(((((

edit: backorders have been opened for the denim leggings in dark/light wash, as well as for the plain bandage skirt and black cotton leggings! and JY’s and my favourite vintage camel belt! πŸ™‚ you can join the backorders here

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