my stomach is happy and so am i

 wow, i’ve been blogging about food nonstop!
can’t help it, my awesome camera makes taking yummy food pictures super easy and thus = overload of food pictures!

but my stomach is indeed very happy though all my fats are screaming at me. 


today i went for tuesday half-price waffles at gelare!
gelare has the bestest bestest bestest best ice cream waffles, which are super worth the $$ on Tuesdays!
so dinner = caesar salad + waffles, 

caesar salad with extra topping, chicken + salmon! three of us greedy girls finished it all upppp.

look at the thick crispy buttery hot waffle, laden with three scoops of sticky gooey ice cream, maple syrup and whipped cream.


you must be lying.

hahahaha. but every mouthful of waffle/ice cream was bliss! i really think there is no better place for waffles and ice cream other than Tuesdays at Gelare’s!

TVD launched today, so i brought alot my netbook to click the “post entry” button at 8.30pm sharp!

that’s me checking out the netbook very intently.

and WIW, top from  ! shorts from  ! teehee. 


i fell in love with this woven mustard color bag at F21!
it’s made of soft leatherette, and comes in this super nice mustard shade. but it was $59!!! 🙁
so, i KIV-ed it and went for waffles, and checked out F21’s website, but it was retailing for $32.80USD,

so i figured i might as well get it in-store, and went back for it!!

say hi to Su. she’s the photographer behind TVD btw! 

nice right? <3 but i'm so freaking poor now. i can eat maggi mee everyday :(
and yami yogurt. 


i forgot to post 2 more random QQ shots, of her sitting in JY’s lap! pinned up her fringe with some hair clip so you can actually see her eyes, they’re very cute and round actually!


my big fat parcel from cottoncandy has arrived!!

love how thoughtful they are in the packaging of their parcels, with cute stickers and stamps and a striped string tied around the parcel!!

still lovingly wrapped in bubble wrap/tissue paper and another cute ribbon <3

gonna review all the items i got tomorrow, so stay tuned <3 they're all so mad cute, i love them all! sure makes my day to see all these cute stationary instead of my boring stationary.

you can go check out Series 11 at  !

<3  good nights!

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