i need a life ):

outside of freelance work, TVD & choir, all my time is practically consumed by the afore mentioned already 🙁 thus leading to the dismal updates here, because i don’t have anything to update about how sad is thaaaaat. BUT i have started my online shopping with a vengeance. ahahahaha. which = more clothing reviews yay! ;D 

like i bought the chiffon ruffle top from  in both new colors again ;D though i already have two of this top in different prints :X but it’s so damn comfy and easy to throw on i couldnt resist!

wanted to decide on one color to keep and one to let go, but now i think i’m probably keeping both……….. 


because i like to make readers feel hungry in the middle of the night (if you happen to be reading this right after my posting)
i had a pretty awesome meal today at shin kushiya, vivocity! 🙂 no pictures of people. just foooooood.

softshell crab!!!

cha soba

unagi omelette thingy

mentai pasta but it was rather a tad too creamy and “jelat”! ):

kurogame (black sesame) ice cream

matcha ice cream with warabi mochi! 🙂

i missed out alot of pictures of the yakitori stuff there because they were so good we gobbled them down in an instant thus no pictures! but if you do happen to dine there, their skewered BBQ stuff is yummilicious TTM! i really like the green tea/sesame ice cream too. mmmmmm.


i initially wanted to wear this gorgeous watercolor floral romper today:

paired with a vintage weave belt, i absolove the prints on this romper! so summery and vibrant, i feel happy just wearing it! 🙂

but settled on this super lovely shade of soft coral pink ASOS-inspired toga dress instead! ;D

it has a very flowy cutting that accentuates the curves in the right places, and the shade of coral is really pretty IRL!

both items will be on  ‘s next collection on Sunday!
along with a whole lot of other pretty stuff ;D might put up some preview pictures for next collection here if i have the time to!


here’s a picture of “chihuahua maki”

hahaha silly dog was wrapped up so tight in the blanket she couldnt even squirm her way out. and she put herself in there by the way. 


backorders for these two dresses are closing on Sat night!
my two favourite dresses from series 7 + easter post, the polkadot pinafore and the zara-inspired denim shirt dress! 

and the slots are filling up pretty fast, only about 10 slots left for both dresses so if you’re interested in them, dont miss the backorders! 🙂



looking for new faces to model for TVD!

because i am so sick of editing my own face and flab yadayada and all.

SO. interested girls, do write in to us at ask.thevelvetdolls@gmail.com ! 😀 😀 😀
along with a couple pictures of yourself and your UK size and all you know the usual.

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