happy easter y'all

my internet connection is still unbelievably slow and it is taking forever just to upload a few pictures! i think i really need to call starhub and make a complaint. very terrible! 🙁

have been neglecting this space because i’ve been real busy of late, suddenly swarmed with freelance projects on top of taking care of TVD and i dont know what i did in my past life to deserve all these malicious haters who are all out to bring me or TVD down because seriously i think we’re doing our best to take care of the BS and have a clear conscience on all that we do and are not accountable to anyone except ourselves.

randomly, i watched how to train a dragon today, awwww super heartwarming and toothless the dragon is super cute, looks like a pokemon! was planning to watch it in 3D initially but somehow booked tickets for the non 3D one by mistake online so we ended up watching the 2D one but it was just as good! 🙂 


the preview for TVD easter mega post that was launched yesterday!
with new items as well as last 1-2 piece items up for sale/clearance + restocks and BO extras like the popular vintage ruffled tunic and mustard knit cardi! 


this time we got Su to help us take the pictures, which kind of make it easier for us but it also takes longer to post-process cos Su shoots her images raw, but the pictures are definitely clearer than the ones taken from my camera! however not sure if we can coordinate our schedules to get Su to help out all the time, so we’ll have to see about it 🙁

actually it’s very easy to guess which my favourite items are. they’re usually the ones i’m modelling for lol! 😛 

i love this maxi to bits and pieces for the vibrant indie prints and cutting! the length is awesome for both JY and i!
my other favourite items are the puff-sleeved floral tunic, and the denim shirtdress! so nice 😀

some funny shots taken during the photoshoot with my “guest models” hahaha

fatty bombom with cow spots, a pig nose and bat ears!

awwwwww YZ went all the way down to Bishan to buy KOI for us! 🙂 we survived the day on koi and mcdelivery before heading out for supper at chompchomp after the launch! :X

my two very kpo and adorable dogs in action. 

and just in case you didnt know, there’s a promotion going on until Sun night!


BUY ANY ITEM FROM THE EASTER POST HERE http://thevelvetdolls.livejournal.com/7269.html & GET ANOTHER $2 OFF YOUR TOTAL BILL WITH ANY ADDITIONAL PURCHASE FROM “WHAT’S AVAILABLE” POST HERE! http://thevelvetdolls.livejournal.com/7510.html


so everyone should pop over to have a look! 😛 teehee.


some new photos from Bali:
the pictures that came out of Lina’s film camera, very vintage and cross processed looking, i like! not digitally enhanced okay.


woooo am gonna sort out a pile of clothes from my wardrobe to be put up on sale on this space soon! everything cheap cheap because my wardrobe is bursting and full TTM 🙁 stay tuneddddd. 

off to bed now, my eyes are real tiredddd good night!!! 

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