everything with fries and more!

i <3 fries!
i love anything potato actually, like chips, jagabee (!!!!!), fries, etc etc etc! sin. just can’t resist that potatoey carb filled goodness!!

first time at Everything With Fries, isnt the name cute?
i like the very stark and clean white interior with black serif fonts used for the logo, menus and various slogans you can find on the walls.

went to the Joo Chiat outlet, because i have a soft spot for Joo Chiat/Katong, worked there for 2 years and the streets there are filled with lots of yummy food man. i can name them off the top of my head, my fav beef noodles, chicken rice at katong shopping centre, the zi char right under my old studio, an oldschool confectionary which has really awesome cupcakes, the ba kut teh further down the road, katong laksa (we once saw ekin cheng having his lunch there! D: ) and many more! <3 so many fond memories of katong. sighhhh.
took us a few minutes, but we located Everything With Fries pretty easily because it really stands out, very modern interior in contrast to the old shophouses it’s located amongst,

the menu is scrawled out across a huge chalk board! cute.

and the placemat teaches you how to order. +choose your fries +select your main and all.

the menu is quite simple, a small but decent selection of sides, mains, and desserts/drinks! prices are really reasonable too!

obviously, the highlight of the restaurant is the fries, they come in two cuts and a variety of flavourings, you can have either shoestring or straight cut (think macds vs mos burger), and lots of yummy flavours like salt & vinegar (my pick!!!), curry, garlic & herb, curry etc.

we were attended to by a very nice lady (i think she’s the boss or manager?) who knew every item inside out on the menu, and recommended items very knowledgeably to us! and we ended up ordering so much we could barely finish, was sooo stuffed even before dessert came ):

first item to be served to us, butterscotch milkshake <3

it looks deceptively plain, but it’s very creamy with just the right amount of butterscotch, tastes very vanilla-ey but not too jelat! we likeeee alot.

followed by something called One Egg Soup:

this soup is really interesting, apparently the egg white and egg yolk are separated, the egg yolk goes into the soup and the egg white is whipped into meringue, deep fried and added to the soup as a topping! it tasted abit like campbells hehehe i can imagine making my own version at home already :X

the other side we ordered was the skinny wings,
a word of advice, dont order it if you only have two people 🙁 the serving is enough to feed 3-4 people as a side! omg.

thank goodness for YZ who helped to finish most of it :X they were very good, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside! and well seasoned as well but really. TOO MUCH FOR TWO PEOPLE. especially if you’re having a main course by yourself. and still intend to have dessert later. 

the next time we go again, i think i might skip the wings/milk shake just so i dont feel like i ate an elephant after the meal.

as for mains,
YZ had the chicken cutlet burger, with sour cream & onion straight cut fries and coleslaw on the side 🙂

didn’t think his fries tasted seasoned enough, kind of reminds me of mcdonalds’ shaker fries actually, the whole concept of the flavoured fries i mean. the pork cutlet was pretty good, and tasted awesome with the mayo/bun! 

i had the cheeseburger, though i saw this breaded salmon on someone else’s table only after i ordered 🙁 and it looked amazing! so gonna try that the next time we dine there.

mine’s with straight cut salt & vinegar fries, and caesar salad.


yumehhh. i love the fries!!! salty and vinegary, love love. the cheeseburger had a very fat and thick patty, not too dry because i asked for it to be medium done, but still would have preferred it more moist! didn’t even touch the top half of the bun cos i knew i was gonna be stuffed already.

at this point of time, YZ & I were really full already, but ive heard so many good things about the nutella tart we couldnt leave without giving it a try! so i forced him to order the nutella tart with one scoop of ice cream on the side! :X

the tart crust is made from oreos, and it’s just a creamy chocolatey filling with chocolate sauce over (can’t really taste the nutella!) very rich, very jelat if not for the ice cream to counter the taste! i dont think one person can finish this by himself/herself unless they’ve got a reaaally sweet tooth.

mission accomplished! you can’t imagine how bloated we were at this point of time. in fact, i’m still full now. i think i’m going to go on a detox today -.-

😀 happy with the food face

D: so full i wanna die face

our total bill only came up to $35 which is quite reasonable considering the amount of food we stuffed ourselves silly with!

<3 am wearing the polkahearts romper from the upcoming collection (tonight!)
it has tiny little hearts printed all over and cute vintage square buttons! paired with my mustard bag again (you can tell i’m trying to get alot of mileage out of it. no laaa i’m just lazy to change bag ><)

when we left, the staff actually said to us “happy fries night!”
so cute.


a couple more prevvies of upcoming items for tonight’s launch:

a lace trim chiffon dress with military details on the front, it comes in this gorgeous shade of indigo <3

the floral babydoll dress i wore in the previous entry (the belt pictured here and above will be up for pre-order as well)

and JY’s favourite

crochet embroidered blouse in cream
it’s so her right. she wore it out immediately after the shoot! :X

lots of other yummehhh items!
preview is on the TVD blog (yes! got new blog!)

check it out! <3

oh randomly,
my daddy’s stingray gave birth to baby ones! hahahaha so cute and tiny please, they’re only palm sized!

this is my dad fishing them out from the pond because he says they’ll die if you leave them there by themselves. because they need to be fed fish food pellets or something!

kpo dog watching my dad do his thang

some of you might know my dad is a arowana fanatic and there are like two ponds and many fish tanks at my place filled with them fish.

my backyard with mad many fish tanks!

and baby arowana, with their egg yolk still intact! my dad bred them too in the fish pond! the egg yolks will gradually become smaller and smaller as the fish grows bigger and sucks up all the nutrients from the yolk, until it’s big enough to eat!


everyone loves polaroids!

ciao now!

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