food, glorious food!

kuishinbo at suntec: not very worth the money because the snow crabs werent fresh! 🙁 tasted like crabstick lor. sad. the sashimi and chawamushi were fab though! other than that, i dont think i even ate enough to make my $$$ worth ):

had a much much better meal consisting of hawker fare at kaki bukit 511!!! super love the soup BCM there so much i went there for dinner two nights in a row! :D~ the kidney meesua is really tasty  too though i dont eat the kidney! everyone must go to 511 to try the BCM and meesua!!! not to forget the BBQ chicken wings. omggg so good! and only cost the two of us like $15 for a very filling dinner!

so good i’m salivating just looking at the pictures! and to finish off a uberly yummy dinner with sinful dessert:


just heaven :)))) cinnamon melts from macDs, it’s just microwaved bread in cinammon/sugar sauce but it’s just so addictive! 


if anyone is a fan of peanut M&Ms, drop by cocoa trees (i went to the one at raffles city) because they’re having a sale on this mega huge bag of 1KG M&Ms for only $15! original price is like $40 or something! bought one back for YZ who’s in love with peanut M&Ms :DD



<3 there’s a catch though, the chocolates expire in three weeks time :X but that’s no issue for YZ because i’m sure he’ll finish them in about 3 days time…

and a little sneak preview for a couple of the items launching on  tomorrow night!

a full length jumpsuit with wrap details! very chic, and makes anyone look taller and slimmer!

waterfall chiffon top in tiffany mint, it’s really a gorgeous color! exclusive to TVD too 🙂 methinks JY looks super fab in it!!

my two dogs getting in the way again :X

cute QQ!

and i just had to post up these two hilarious pictures of YZ and the chihuahua sleeping together haha

YZ was practically using her as a pillow and the fat dog didn’t even budge but was happily sleeping under the weight of his head…. -.- and she was asleep too until i took the picture and woke her up! silly dog.

Monday blues again tomorrow! 🙁  

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