i got a shock for about 5 seconds when i opened TVD inbox and saw this


April is nearly over already, you still want to “April Fools” me?!





anyway, just a random morning entry,
and some overdue pictures!

me loves ayam penyet but the chilli is really spicy ttm but super shiok!

bakso (beefball) soup

lele (catfish) penyet

ayam (chicken) penyet!!!!

followed by “yum cha” hahahaha at non other than KOI!!!

<3 someone asked me in the previous entry how come i eat so much good food but i look like i lost weight,
i think the answer is either 

1) i never lose weight T.T getting fatter already
2) when i’m not eating good food (as seen on blog) i’m usually starving myself!!!!

so you see. one day got three meals.
one week got 3 x 7 = 21 meals.

i blog about maybe 3-4 good meals a week,
thus the other 21-4 = 17 meals are unaccounted for,

and sometimes, very busy, i dont eat anything the whole day until late afternoon/evening time.
if not, i eat junk food, like macdonalds, KFC, KOI.

thus maybe, i look like i lost weight?
but as i’m typing this, i have a huge bag of famous amos cookies next to me (courtesy of YZ’s mummy!!!)
and another 3 tubs of Jagabee too (courtesy of YZ!!!)

so. how not to get fat 🙁
very guilty!!!

and do you all know, that CP has very good ban mian/mee hoon kuay? 
if you all ever go CP, must go upstairs to the foodcourt to try the ban mian! add an egg for 50 cents, it’ll be $3.50 for a big big bowl of ban mian and very nice chilli!


loots reviews,
i got my pair of BC nude wedges from eils who sent me that above email,
her feet are skinny but too big to squeeze into size 38, so i backordered size 39 for her, and got her size 38 pair!!!
<3 <3 <3

they’re very comfy and gorgeous! despite the height, very easy to walk in, and versatile too!

 mod-color throwover, i like the color blocks and the shades of blue really reminds me of varsity sweaters for some reason! feel all smart and uni-studenty when i wear it HAHA (yes i am a lousy diploma holder dont laugh at me)

wanted to share with you all,
this very chio floral romper that’s really awesome, with fantastic workmanship and material! (even got inner lining!)

but, the retail price is $32! 🙁

sigh 🙁

have to sell at this price though because it’s fixed by the suppliers!
however, i really <3 it. will be up in TVD's next collection! along with some other color exclusive pwetty pwetty dresses.

and the BO for the crochet embroidered blouse in cream is up already!

go over to ‘s blog to see how chio she looks in it, confirm you will want to join the BO. hahaha! 😛 😛 😛

but for those who dont wanna wait so long, and like this kind of crochet chiffon design, we brought in another similar blouse, except it’s 2-piece and comes with an inner slip! just as floaty and pretty, most importantly, affordable!

stay tuned for next launch then!

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