9 years & counting

you know how some friends just stick around, despite the growing up, the changes, the difference in lifestyles and each other’s hectic schedules (: (yes! that’s Koi we’re holding on to. yumtumtum)

and how you can still find common topics to lament over,
how it seems like you just picked up again where you left off the last time,

how you can still camwhore together with ease and familiarity! 😛

twas a good dinner date,
at Ootoya, Orchard Central! my first time there, but the bff loves it there apparently,

they serve really good japanese food, but it’s really scary, because they list out the calorie count for every single item on the menu T.T

sauteed ginger pork set. ONE FREAKING THOUSAND AND THREE HUNDRED CALORIES??!! that’s MORE than a macdonalds meal!!! omgggggg. you cannot imagine how freaked out i was by all the calories. practically lost my appetite thinking about all the calories i would be consuming if i ordered this or that.

1327kcal is like my supposed max calorie intake for one day! not one meal (exclusive Koi and dessert)

how scary.

and the healthiest/lowest calorie count item on the menu which also sounds utterly unappetising, 
mixed-grain soy milk porridge with chicken, which is only 335kcal.


after flipping through the menu back to front and front to back for half an hour and considering my calories,
i decided to heck it, and went for this:

which is 990kcal = death by food but nevermind.

rather horrified by all the amazingly high calorie food 🙁 suddenly you just feel like just eating salad or something, but even salad has like 200 over calories! ):

a starter dish, some seaweed with beans thingamy

looks kinda gross, but tastes okay 😛 and it’s like what, 56 calories? tsk. all these calorie counting. the japanese people are really dedicated. weight loss has been perfected to an art.

chien’s main course,

healthy less than 600 calorie salmon + rice set. complete with veggies, pickle cucumbers and miso soup (:

my 990 calorie Ootoya special dish. hahaha the sunny side up is so pretty <3 

digging in!

the food there is very much more authentic than typical japanese restaurants here,
my Ootoya special dish was good! the frittered items like the coquette and karaage taste fresh and not reeking of oil, and the food presentation is really painstakingly done.

look at our caramel egg pudding dessert! <3
so pretty you can’t bear to eat it.


the pudding is really decadent, very rich and the burnt caramel sauce complements it nicely.
very yummy. but chien doesnt like it because it’s too milky for her! so i polished off most of the 300-ish calories. sin.

very very filled from dinner and koi,
we entertained ourselves camwhoring. hahaha.
the joys of having a good camera.

my WIW,
which is the floral romper that’s gonna be up on TVD’s next collection, together with Vel’s zara-inspired blazer.
i’m really into rompers/jumpsuits lately! <3 
the cutting is really gorgeous, and i love the very brilliant prints! not to mention the impeccable workmanship and material. it even has an inner lining! which is usually really rare for rompers/jumpsuits. very luxe and expensive looking.

it’d look awesome if you glam it up with accessories and a clutch, for a fancy dinner,
and also just as good if you wanna wear it out for usual days out, tone down the bling and let the florals speak for themselves!

throw a blazer over, immediately tones down the whole look with a bit of chic 🙂


all printy today! prints are happy things. and make for good photos!

much love!

my two favourite shots of the day, 
we’ve found out (well i already know) that i look absolutely stupid when i dont smile for the camera 🙁
so smile i must.

say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

happy labour day weekend everybardi!

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