GOOD MORNING! i just wanted to rant on abit you know.
woke up at 730am this morning and saw two emails telling me that they wanted to back out of transactions.

email number one said that she just got back from home forgot about it and could i please release the slot to the next buyer and so sorry for the inconvenience thank you very much,

while email number two said she decided to pass on the blazer as she wanted a long sleeve one for the cold weather instead but the item was too pretty so she took so long to decide & fell sick and didn t log on to my computer thus the late reply and sorry for the trouble once again, hope i’ll not blacklist her this time.

i just wonder what’s the best way to deal with deadbuyers/customers who back out of their transactions. let’s not talk about those that havent even replied the invoice yet, and trust me, there are ALOT 🙁

see liao also sian.

i know it’s so easy to comment for an item and just ignore the invoice when it arrives in your inbox, even i’m guilty of doing that once or twice! but now i know better liao lor. it’s really extremely troublesome and inconvenient especially when the item is held for you for 24 hours and there’s a waiting list for the item and thanks to one customer’s inconsiderate behavior other people can’t get invoiced for the item that they want! 🙁 

ok i know what to do. 

shall implement a rule, that deadbuyers/customers who have backed out of transactions before will not be given priority any more when they comment for items in future collections, even if they comment like 10 seconds after the launch, they will only be invoiced after all other customers have gotten invoiced ONLY IF there are still available stocks for them. that should deter people from commenting mindlessly right? any opinons or feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment ok! 

quite tired of all these people/things and other stuff that’s been bugging me ever since TVD. abit sian too 🙁 the feeling really sucks when you put in so much heart and soul into doing something but dont see the results you want. persevere on or not? sorry that i keep on ranting abt TVD and etc on this space  and on twitter. i just need an outlet! to express all my negativity! i feel very tired 🙁 kudos to all the amazing blogshops out there that’s lasted more than half a year because it hasnt even been two months and it’s taking a toll on me mentally already.


as some of you might have already seen! for series 6 which we launched on Monday, i got my friend Fish to help me model for the collection!!! ;D ;D ;D and i think she looks damn awesome and best of all, i didn’t have to spend 108890384 mins photoshopping myself in each and every picture! YAY

fish and i in the midst of the photoshoot 😀

view the collection here! http://thevelvetdolls.livejournal.com/5730.html#cutid1 

doesnt she look super adorable in the pictures? 😀 😀 😀 am definitely considering hiring her to be TVD’s model full time. haha 😀 what do you all think? of course still got JY to model too! but i feel very shitty modelling nowadays. like damn fat and ugly and my face just looks weird la. 

and i must say i love series 6 very much too!! since i didnt model any of the items for the series, thought i’d show you a few of my favouritesss that i kept and how they look like on me 😀 despite that i’m feeling uber fat like a whale (a very tanned one) ever since i got back from Bali! 

absolutely love the checkered cropped blazer! it’s tres chic, and the cutting/fit is really damn fabulous! and it’s so much more interesting than a solid color blazer… <3 <3 and it really makes my waist look smaller for some reason. i dont look that good in just the nude tank + skirt alone but throw on the blazer and it's uber love! ok i've just decided to keep the skirt and tank top for myself too. haha! love how slim the skirt makes my side view look :X  next fav is the cupcake chiffon tier dress in black! it reminds me abit of BC’s pleated chiffon mini, except it’s a lil longer so it can be worn on its own, and it has really cute ruffled chiffon/mesh tiers at the bottom! 

at least bringing in pretty clothes makes me happy! can’t wait to find pretty clothes for the next collection too 😀


two more pictures from Bali! will not be uploading the rest cos, repetitive la. there’s only so many picture of sunrises and wooden carvings and batik prints one can take.

this shot is emo nemo nice! 


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