my internet is being totally screwy on me, it’s SO slow, gmail is taking forever to load, i can’t upload pictures or do anything properly! thank goodness for the savior that is mobile broadband. haha! my poor sisters are still struggling with the slow net connection! was wondering if it’s because daddy has a newfound discovery of the computer (a decade too slow pls) and he got his friend Uncle Eddie to help him buy a laptop and set up all kinds of rubbish! BUT the only thing he knows how to do is to watch movies on some cheena PP streaming software. wonder if it’s that that’s causing the laggy internet 🙁 but daddy can’t be up at this hour, and the internet is also very slow in the day when he’s at work! am gonna call up starhub to complain tomorrow or something if it doesnt get better 🙁 so annoying!

speaking of daddy, i dont know whether to be happy or not that he’s finally “discovered” the computer, the other day he kept calling me on the intercom every 5 mins or so and i was omfg so irritated! like every 5 minutes, he paged for me to go upstairs to his room and troubleshoot his dumb computer/streaming software! -__-

him: “how come the computer shut down by itself when im watching movie halfway ah?”
me: “it’s installing automatic updates so it’s restarting by itself…”

*5 mins later*

him: “i can’t see the movie leh! how come ah, i click got nothing!”
me: “you’re not connected to the internet…” *tries to teach him how to connect*

*5 mins later*

him: “i can’t find the movies section, where is it?” *me trying to help him click around and find* “eh you dont do it la you let me do if not how i learn?”
me: *struggling to be patient* “you click here… then you click there… then you scroll here.. and you double click twice on the name…”

ARGHHHH driving me mad. he even got the laptop hooked up to his plasma TV so he can watch it on the big screen, then he paged me again and asked, “how come the TV no sound one?” me “i think only the screen is connected right not the speakers……” him, “really meh not all connected one meh?”






and then when i try very hard to say nicely, “daddy are you done already? i go back downstairs hor” you know what he says. “ask you to help abit only you so impatient. no use one you”

WTHHHHHHH. sad 🙁 make me keep on trudging up and down the stairs you know 🙁 if one day he learns how to use google and searches for my blog and reads this he will think that im even more useless to complain about him.


 just launched their collection that i guest modelled for! *blush emoticon* hahahaha wth i got no emoticons on my LJ! 🙁

some of the picss from the website

i like the lighting over there cos it makes me look fair!!! 😀 😀 😀 but i swear i’m two tones darker already, due to all the running abt under the hot sun to postoffice, to suppliers and etc 🙁 

and i totally dont do any justice to this gorgeous dress!! the embellished details are really super pretty and it comes in this very classy shade of grey! i think it’s damn expensive looking cos i saw this similar dress i liked at DP so much but it was like eighty over dollars?!

i dont know why they put i’m uk8 leh hahaha! it feels good to read that!!! but sorry, i’m a uk8-10 haha! 🙁 🙁 🙁 must ask them to change the stats if not later mislead customers!

you can check out the rest of the launch here! http://swtlikehoney.livejournal.com/3759.html

the modelling is probably just a once off thing though. cos i feel kinda bad that i dont make a very good model in the first place and it feels very weird to be modelling for other BS other than TVD (cos i get to edit the photos myself on TVD hahaha i dont feel so self-conscious 😛 )


and i’m very very very very excited for TVD’s next launch! today i wore out two items from the upcoming collection, and my friends already wanted to reserve pieces for themselves haha! :X

WIW today

cropped cardi in mustard, and vintage ruffled tunic from  ‘s next collection,
paired with ‘s studded bandage skirt!

i really love the mustard shade of the cardi and the cutting is really superb! super snug and comfy, and very silhouette enhancing! there’s a hook to hook the two sides together but i left it unhooked on purpose cos i think it’d look too frilly when hooked esp when im pairing it with a ruffled tunic already. the tunic is mad love too! it’s long and can be worn w a waist belt + leggings, or tucked into a pair of high waist shorts or bandage skirt! and and speaking of which i really want a nice pair of high waisted shorts that dont show off my non existent waist and wide hips 🙁 where to find!

omg, i’m suddenly hungry again and it’s already 1.20AM! 🙁 dont need to sleep early already. 

ok last few pictures to share with you all:
what i see under my table when i’m at the laptop!

my doleful big-eyed chihuahua sitting there, looking very bored and sad.

she has this very bad habit of sitting under my chair/table, i’m always very afraid i’ll roll the chair wheels over her paws or something! -.-

so i carry her up and put her on the window ledge.. and she just lies down there and sleeps -_-

looks like the pig from Alice in Wonderland right! super look like. here’s a picture for your reference

the resemblance is really uncanny. haha. piiiiiiig.

oh oh and i am so freaked out because woon is making me sing the solo part for the very first piece that we’re performing for march concert! and it’s really a solo solo line, which means my voice is gonna be the first thing everyone watching that concert is going to hear and OMGGG stress 🙁 WOOOOOOOON.

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