the meetup of the TBs!

 yay! finally got to meet up with all the fellow twitter babes! hmm well not everyone attended but there were 9 present at last night’s meetup!
🙂 do it again soon!!

i’ll let pictures do the talking here because i’m rushing off to Bali this evening and i’ve yet to pack my luggage!! :(((
and also i need to mail out some parcels, go to the suppliers to get a few more pieces of restocks and other miscellaneous blah blah blah stuff to do 🙁 

we met up at Raffles Place, and headed to Timbre for dinner! my 2nd time at Timbre Art House and the thin crusted pizza is still as yummy as ever :D~ everyone loves the roast duck pizza!

as you’ll notice, the pictures will get progressively darker as the sun disappeared by the time we settled down to eat!

first dish of food to appear on our table: buffalo wings!

this picture is so nice! sometimes i love my camera <3 but i dont love it when it takes bad pictures of me!
we ordered three pizzas: roast duck pizza, garlic shrimp pizza and triple mushroom pizza! 

pictures of the garlic shrimp pizza turned out too dark and blur 🙁 use your imagination for that one!

my side of the table! me, HJ, joyce, steph!

the other side: wendy, nancy, deborah, felicia and noi!

wendy and steph love this picture. 

awwww smiling so sweeeet!! *gets diabetes*

posing for someone else’s camera!

anyways. we finished our food real fast like a bunch of starving wolves and so we decided to carry on the conversation over drinks/desserts at TCC! the total bill at Timbre only amounted to less than 8 bucks per person 😀 cheap cheap!

some girl band shot. we have the tallies in front and the shorties at the back hahahaha

night scenery! 🙂 quite rather pretty, the reflective lights in the water 🙂

and tadaa! at TCC! we made such a din that the customers and staff were probably glad to see us go :X

the girlies minus me squeezing at the stairwell for a group shot!

one of the cute artworks being displayed on the walls. some kind of HK parody/tribute?!

lighting better at TCC = more camwhoring

checking out the menu for drinks/desserts!

my ultimate apple indulgence in which the ice cream wasnt very good 🙁 very icy and not creamy and it melted too fast!

devil-misu or some form of dissected tiramisu!

and final group shot of the evening but nubbie says she’s ugly in it so i had to mosaic her out! see i’m so nice.

the above pictures were all from my camera!!
here’s a few more random shots from the other cameras present haha!

uhhh dont know what i was doing -.-

yay! next dinner at DTF please! on a day that i can make it ):

ooh and the cute little sailorette dress that i’m wearing will be up in TVD’s next collection! love it, it has a uber cute peter pan collar and detachable ribbons to be tied into a bow! looks like a schoolgirl outfit HAHA. so kinky huh. i wish i had a pair of red heels to wear it with! red + stripes = love!


and more new clothes!

i got this lace tube dress from  and fell in love with it the moment i tried it on!! the cutting is so flattering and slims my silhouette instantly! it really fits me perfectly, can’t wait to wear it out for a nice dinner date with YZ :DDD love the subtle lace prints on the dress as well! 

chiffon top from  , i really love it that all their manufactured stuff is of such good quality/workmanship! this one has an inner satin lining and feels totally luxurious on the skin! am in love with the deep red color as well! but the flared cutting kinda emphasizes my hips a lil 🙁 

the famous  pleated chiffon mini i’m sure every BC customer owns one by now. haha! in tiffany mint which doesnt show up that well in the pictures! still deciding whether to keep it or not though.

the dress that i kept from  ‘s photoshoot!! love the waterfall design on the skirt and the pleated bust portion makes me look bustier :X the color is really rich and elegant too!

my wardrobe is seriously bursting 🙁 going to organise it (again!) when i’m back from Bali and have a massive clothes clearance sale on the blog! think i’ll be selling off many items for cheaper than original price because there’s really too many to clear -.- 


btw, backorders for the mustard cardi and ruffled tunic are up already! dont miss it because the quantity is really limited especially for the mustard cardi! and you wont be able to find the mustard cardi anywhere else so if you dont join the BO for it you’ll never be able to get a piece :X haha! am gonna be keeping both the cardi and tunic for myself too! 😀


ok, i still need to pack my luggage for the next three days and i think i’m gonna slather on the sunblock like nobody’s business because i heard that it’s burning hot over there and i dont want to come back bangla shade! 🙁

see you all when i’m back on Sat night! might be bringing along my netbook in case i can get a connection over there so that i can still reply emails and stuff like that. dont miss me til i’m back! 

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