little things make me happy

like customers telling me they loved their items from us and received lots of compliments!
or positive feedback on our LJ feedback page! 

random candid shot of me looking somewhat cheery.

or the fact that i just got a customizable stamping kit to stamp the return addresses on the envelopes! YAY to no more tedious hours of writing return addresses, and YAY to the new brown paper envelopes! (couldnt wait to be rid of the white ones because they look sooo.. sterile. and boring. but we had to use up the entire carton before we could get new ones that were BROWN.)

always reminds me of that song from “the sound of music”, that goes,

brown paper packages, tied up with string,
these are a few of my favourite things.

non-tied up with string, but nevertheless brown, and absolutely <3 to me.
along with the cute little address stamp i made out of the stamp kit (tediously arranging the letters into a nice centre-justified alignment because i’m anal like that) and an additional little red heart stamp, happy!

and adorable friends who now think of me and of TVD whenever they come upon russian dolls, 
here’s an MMS that belle sent me the other day,

kawaii russian doll earrings DIVA is selling! maybe i should buy them and give to customers as a GWP. haha!

plus the cutest decorative tapes Farah got me from ohmymuffins,
they’re so sweet i can’t even bear to use them up by using them to seal envelopes, so they’re sitting on a forlorn corner of my table now, just begging to be used 🙁


i am going to be crazily madly busy the next few days and i hope i survive 🙁 the current timetable goes like this:

sat morn: photoshoot for next collection!
sat afternoon/night: CONCERT! with my itsy bitsy solo bit which i hope i dont OMFG screw up,

sun morn: edit pictures from photoshoot!/work on my 3 pages of freelance (new client!!!)
sun afternoon: to the cemetery to pay respects to my grandparents
sun night: work on more freelance

mon morn: off to the suppliers at 7am
mon afternoon: MAYBE 2nd photoshoot, and rushing out pictures/post for launch,
mon night: launch!!!

tues morn/afternoon: emails/pack/post parcels at PO
tues night: dinner at DTF with the tbs!!!!!


hope i manage to finish the work in time, if not i am really dead shit. (i know, that is logically impossible but you get my point) new client with new comic, so if i dont do a good job, we can say byebye to the new projects! ): and i still got time to blog rubbish now i am teh awesome.

boohoo. but i cant wait to fasterly launch the next collection, gonna be launching the polkadot pinafore from the bali post, an awesome floral skater dress, a striped bandage bottom knit dress thats uber flattering, our color exclusive chiffon tank/tunic, burn-out slouchy throw overs in white/peach, girly solid color sundresses with pockets and more stuff! wheee! and JY and i will be modelling this time round 😀 mostly. hope JY models more. hahahahaa. then i dont have to spend so much time editing my own pictures!

ending off with the silly chihuahua in her various poses. she’s just so pampered.

sleeping by herself, on my pillow.

waiting to be scratched on the belly in her slutty “come hither” pose

see her little pig-nosed face. hahaha.


good night!

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