am feeling absolutely sleepy on a Monday afternoon! thank goodness the weather has been taking a turn the past few days and it’s nice and cooling at least instead of being so furiously humid and hot! anyways, so sorry if i havent been replying personal emails of late, because i’ve been hardly logging into my gmail acct! 🙁 promise i’ll reply all emails by tmr or something. sorry!!!!! TVD has been keeping me busy : / surprise surprise but i actually lost almost 2kg since taking over the “running” of TVD! all the scuttling about the suppliers and post office must be doing something to burn the calories off. though i suspect it’s probably just dehydration from not drinking enough water -.- 

and i really dont know what gmail has against me, but i have soooo much trouble sending out mailers, it’s super frustrating because the server bounces all my emails back! and thus resulting in alot of customers not knowing of the launch and missing it 🙁 it’s singularly the most annoying thing because it happened as well in series 4, and i went through all the trouble to send out the mailers multiple times and then i had people complaining and asking me to just send the mailer once and not 3/4 times! le sigh.

but series 5 just launched and it’s one of my favourite collection so far!


the response was amazing! and we’re gonna be opening backorders soon for the cropped cardi and the ruffled tunic once the supplier gives us the green light! 😀 i really love those two items to pieces! and am so glad that all the customers love em as well!

today, i was up at 8am to finish packing the paid orders from the launch and joyce (from  ) dropped by to give me a ride to the suppliers cos she was also heading there! and also to the post office afterwards to post out parcels, and this is what the backseat of her car looked like when we were done at the suppliers and en route to the PO:

her backseat was practically flooded with bags of stocks/parcels from the “combined effort” of TVD and TTR! -.- hahaha. poor YZ who also came along had to squeeze in with the parcels and stocks in the backseat. very scary! but it’s really a lot more convenient to have a car 🙁 thanks joyce! 😀

got lots more pretty pretty items that’ll be launched in the next few collections, so stay tuned! hehe. i am sooo happy with the pretty clothes that i cant resist keeping almost all for myself :X so very bad for business! will try to update with more pictures too so y’all can get a preview of whats coming up on TVD! excitezzzz!


visited the C&K warehouse sale last week, and it was horribly suffocating!

i couldnt take it after like not even an hour, and only walked out with two purchases!

a pair of plain white sandals for $16.90

some dunno-what-print pair of beigey heels for $9

including my $5 cab fare to the sale, that makes it about $30 for 2 pairs of shoes, so still quite worth the trip down 🙂
quite disappointed with the sale this time round though 🙁 i remember the last time i visited C&K warehouse sales, i bought like 6 or 7 pairs of shoes! including boots for $10 a pair only! but some of those have actually never been worn out cos C&K isnt exactly known for its comfort level 🙁 but you know la. which woman can resist the words “sale” and “shoes” put together?!

sales are always very tiring though. having to squeeze through pushy aunties is no joke -.-

so, food to rejuvenate the soul! 
had dinner with YZ, his mummy and his sister at this chinese restaurant at ECP, called claypotfun 😀

isnt the name quite cool? “fun” can mean rice in cantonese, or fun as in english! 

you wouldnt believe how much four of us ordered.

first dish to reach the table: pork liver which i normally hate, but this one didnt taste thaaat bad! it was very tender and didnt have that yucky pork liver texture/taste i detest so much -.-

claypot rice with sausage

claypot rice with beef and egg

sesame chicken

minced pork with salted fish

and pork ribs!!

that’s a total of two pots of rice, and four side dishes, mostly consisting of meat…. D:

i had so much rice that i felt super sleepy right after the meal! damn bloated 🙁 it was tasty though! the claypot is not the typical sort we have in sg with lotsa dark soy sauce, but they had this other sauce that was sweet/salty and tasted really good with the rice! omg. i ate like 3 bowls of rice or something 🙁 so terrible.


and last night, we went to LBK again, daddy is never sick of that place! but free (paid by daddy) food, who’s to argue with that?!

the parents! mummy damn havoc eh, her top has studs formed into the shape of the word ” R O C K ” haha!

YZ & I (: 
was wearing this subtle glittery LBD launching next collection! it has cut-out hems and a fabulous cutting! dont normally bring in fitting sort of dresses on TVD because it’s so hard to pull off but this one was a must get 😀 simple and flattering! good to pair with outerwear/accessories too for different looks!


and gina!

i think they look more alike than i do to either of them. and gina looks the most like mummy apparently!
if i look really hard i do see abit of resemblance among the three of us though. probably the noses/puffy eyes haha

wasabi mayonnaise deep fried prawns that were really yummy and sinful!

bamboo clam :D~~

our favourite! chilli crab with deep fried mantou!

random veggie dish :X


fattening TTM! but fabulously yummy 😀

we took a group polaroid with mummy, hmm all four of us do look sort of alike here… my pretty glittery manicure is chipping off already! 🙁


老娘我光明正大沒做錯事,鬼才怕你 !(:


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