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a random post, you know how sometimes you want to get trigger happy when you see something amusing/interesting but you just can’t be bothered to use your proper camera and your BB is lying around you so  you use your BB to take a picture instead? happenes to me all the time especially at home and in the mornings when i just cant be bothered to reach for my camera, and plus if i move my subject wont be in the same position as i want her to be anymore!

so anyway i was showing all these pictures to JY on my BB the other day and she was so totally amused she said i had to blog about it haha! so yeaa for you ah JY!

let’s introduce my subject haha

my fat chihuahua! omg pardon my terrible eye circles. this is her looking very scared when we brought her out for a car ride.

so the fat dog normally jumps onto my bed in the mornings and snuggles herself to sleep next to me and i always wake up to find her in the best positions ever.

smack on her back and FAST asleep. hahahaha. omggg. she’s super pampered, she loves to snuggle on top of or inside my blanket (not just any blanket but she prefers the SILK blanket!!!)

the other day, she was lying on her side, right next to me, her head was on my pillow, and her body was covered by my blanket!!! how smart is this dog

another day, she climbed right above my head, and settled herself to sleep, ON MY PILLOW ABOVE MY HEAD -_- look at her sleeping blissfully.

her all wrapped up like a dumpling and sleepy eyed

another sleeping happily next to me pose

and she climbed onto my pillow again yesterday morning tsk!! she really loves soft fluffy things to sleep on, like cushions, pillows and blankets.

she also does some other cute things sometimes la.

she loves to play fetch! this is her happily bringing me her favourite toy and supporting with her paw while waiting for me to take it from her and happily wagging her tail hehehehe

and playing tug of war with her other favourite toy (she has many)


other random pictures from my BB:

QQ wants to be mailed out along with all the other parcels! 😀 hahaha she’s so adorable but so mischievous. 

dont you think sometimes that the low quality cameras (like handphone cameras and all) take the most flattering pictures of yourselves? probably due to the low pixel count and the lousy lens haha! i have a million and one zi pai pictures from my BB!

the alice look

random picture

in the middle of TVD photoshoot (wearing the studded toga!!)

during CNY

had on falsies + maxi eye lens! eyes look almost fake.

random camwhore w YZ

rare picture of me in glasses!

and the very last random picture. daddy just bought a new car recently and omg spotted a spelling mistake by the very prestigious company haha



aaaand. my shopping bug is coming back to bite me in the ass real hard.

 elie saab inspired dress that is oh-so-pretty and floaty but it’s waaay tight on me at the boobies! not recommended for big UK8 and up. looove love the color and bust details though!

zara-inspired blazer from  , took it in size M and this is too big for me kinda 🙁 the material/workmanship/cutting is superb though! ahhhh. hopefully i can get a piece in size S!

ok end of my random entry. haha! i just watched Alice in Wonderland last night and i love the Mad Hatter though the entire movie is just weird and i think YZ totally didn’t enjoy it much. the red queen is madly entertaining though, there’s this scene where she calls “PIIIIG!” and her servant sends out this really fat pig which flops over belly side up at her feet so she can rest her feet on the pig’s tummy and she says “I do so love a pig’s warm belly to rest my aching feet!” HAHA that pig totally totally looks like my fat chihuahua. like a roll of ham!! hahaha. 

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